Monday , September 16 2019
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America and China Are in a Race for Space Leadership

Even with the current world events, the conflict between China and America is still on. Each country wants to hold the lead in space and space travel, and this fact is seen in the evolution of projects. NASA intends to continue its plans and leadership on space, but China is not letting go so quickly and is trying to aggressively overcome America. So what is all about for real?

Speaking of China, the country put a satellite relay and a rover on one side of the moon and can invest in launching capabilities. Also, China is in the process of developing a space-based solar power system. On the other hand, America is the one hosting most of the space entrepreneurs such as SpaceX and Blue Origin. All of them are trying to reduce the cost of future launches. For example, Solar is working on some crucial developments, including space-based solar power.

However, if we look at China's plans and businesses, the country will have to make a profit so that the battle will be tougher. Even if America is leading right now, China is working faster to move forward. Because of this threat, President Trump is one that wants America to take the lead in space through the Moon and Mars missions. What America had managed to do now is to take the lead on the low-orbit of the Earth. The problem is who will take the lead from the high ground. The country that masters the space between the Moon and Earth is the one that will have the upper hand on economics and security.

Finally, we are talking about control over space, economics, security, military, and the future of the world. This battle for space could be a critical point in history.

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