Tuesday , October 26 2021

A Toronto police officer has to pay for a violation of Bruce McArthur's case


It is expected that the Toronto Police Officer will be required to provide two professional offenses in connection with the serial killer Bruce. McArthur.

Sgt. Paul Gauthier has decided to appear before the Tribunal on Tuesday for impeachment and breach of duty under the Police Service Law, his lawyer Lawrence Gridin tells CBC News.

McArthur, 67, On Tuesday, he was found guilty of killing eight men, many of whom were linked to Toronto Gay Village from 2010 to 2017.

The allegations against Gauthier refer to the early interaction between McArthur and the police, some of which are considered unused.

In 2017, Chief Mark Saunders publicly rejected the idea of ​​a serial killer in the village, with remarks that once forced the population McArthur was arrested.

Later, the reports showed that someone told the police in advance that it was difficult for him McArthur. Police questioned, then released McArthur sometime before 2017, which later prompted the Toronto Police Professional Standards Unit to launch an internal investigation.

In a statement Friday evening, Gridin said, "The decision not to demand Bruce McArthur The 2016 incident was carried out with a detective Gauthier's information available at that time. "

Next, it says Gauthier conducted a "proper" investigation McArthurand made available information to all other investigators involved.

" McArthur's the terrible nature was hard to discover because he led an extremely deceptive life, ”the statement said. Gauthier is a great compassion for the victims and the public. "

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