Monday , April 19 2021

A storm that creates up to 90 mm of rain in the Vancouver metro

Rain warnings | Snow Alerts | Wind warnings

This winter's winter storm is officially in full force.

Rain, wind and snus alerts apply to B.C. South Coast, west coast of Vancouver Island to West Kootenay. Metro Vancouver is particularly rainy.

The following recommendations are broken down:


Environment Canada says that the following regions will be able to expect 70 to 90 millimeters of rain on a Friday morning. Localized flooding and leakage in rivers and glaciers.

  • Metro in Vancouver (from the north coast to Maple Creek)
  • Fraser valley
  • Howe Sound

Earlier in the morning, workers in Vancouver rallied on Thursday morning. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza / CBC)


Weather agency in these areas has forecasted snow plowing, which includes several major highways. Drivers are asked to slow down and be on the road.

  • Coquihalla highway (Hope to Merritt) – up to 15 centimeters
  • Whistler – 20-25 centimeters
  • From the sea to the sky – 20-25 centimeters
  • Trans-Canada Highway (Eagle Pass to Rogers Pass) – 15-30 centimeters
  • Motorway 3 (Paulson Summit on Kootenay Pass) – 15-30 centimeters

Looking south on the Big Spatula, located at Coquihalla Road, at 06:48 noon. On thursday Alongside the route between Hope and Merritt, up to 30 cm of fresh snow is expected. (Adventure BC)


On Thursday, 70-100 km / h are expected in these parts of the province, especially the most exposed areas:

  • West Vancouver Island
  • East Vancouver Island
  • Sunshine coast

This winter, the southern coast has been crushed. Tuesday pours rain caused floods, road closures, traffic disturbances and SkyTrain delays in Metro Vancouver.

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