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50 patients with gastrointestinal disease B.C. Hospital – Castlegar News

The gastrointestinal outbreak has led Kamloops Royal Inland hospital staff to stop taking patients in three buildings.

The state of health of the interior said there was an outbreak of gastrointestinal tract, affecting 16 patients on Tuesday and 11 workers. In addition, there is an outbreak of seven patients and 13 workers with symptoms in the adjacent Hillside Psychiatric Center.

According to the Disease Prevention Plan, the Health Center said that the hospital did not take patients to 4North, 5South, and 7North – medical units experiencing an outbreak. Patients arriving in departments waiting for admission to long-term care or ancillary facilities will not be transferred until the end of the outbreak.

IH's communications consultant Susan Duncan said that three units are in adult patients with various diseases, but no postoperative units.

Hillside continues to welcome patients, Duncan said, noting that new arrivals are being delivered to the intact pod center.

She said that the first reported symptom of gastrointestinal outbreak was recorded on January 25, noting that the outbreak was reported when the virus affects two or more patients. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and fever. The specimens mentioned by Duncan have been sent to the BC Disease Control Center to identify the virus responsible for the disease.

Duncan said the gastrointestinal outbreak is not uncommon because the hospital situation reflects what is happening in society.

"We encourage people to practice proper hand hygiene," said Duncan. “Hand washing is often the key to preventing the spread of the virus.

She said that each unit is treated individually, so an outbreak can be reported as discontinued. The outbreak usually lasts 96 hours, which includes two 48-hour incubation periods after the last case report.

Duncan said that the health authority emphasizes that the precautionary measures taken can mean congestion in the emergency department. The public is advised that waiting to see a doctor might be longer than usual.

People with untreated illnesses should contact their GP or clinic. They can also stay at home and relax or consult a health care provider by calling Healthlink BC 811. However, anyone who thinks they need emergency care do not hesitate to come to the hospital or call 911.

Interior health said the outbreak has not yet led to surgical cancellation, but the situation is being monitored.

Visitors are asked to stay at home if they feel bad. Healthy people are allowed to visit, but they may want to postpone the visit until the outbreak is over. References to the entry of the affected units indicate that the outbreak continues to allow people to take appropriate precautions.

Interior health said improved economic activity is designed to focus on patient rooms, bathrooms, frequent touch areas and common areas. Employees who have an outbreak are advised to wear dresses, gloves and face protection.

As always, employees, patients and visitors are often asked to wash their hands.

Christopher Foulds, Kamloops This Week

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