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2018 Winter Trips: MLB Commander Guerrero Jr.

LAS VEGAS – Of course, toronto Blue Jays front office members are measured when they talk about Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Why does a teenager make life more difficult by raising his expectations higher than he already has? There is little to gain and lose a lot.

But around the baseball others have more than happy fuel hype. During this week's winter meetings in the Mandalay Bay resort and casino corridors, a large number of baseball players were excited about the main chances of the game.

"Vlad Jr.", said one high-level CEO, "has odds for the epic (freaking) proportions."

"He reached .381 in the eastern and international league," the player continued, referring to Guerrero batting average to a precise percentage point. "Cold-time leagues. After 19 years of age."

"What he did is incredible," added a long-time coach. "Walking so much than checking out? Nobody does it."

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The question is to predict Guerrero flying against a big leap when Toronto arrives next spring, and the third voter suggested that he would immediately take the opponent and continue to beat. Words by Ronald Acuna Jr. and Juan Soto are created as potential comparators.

Even Guerrero Jr. is praising the defense. With good hands, fast feet and a strong hand, he has many features that are needed in the third base. He will not be so busy with so many infielders, but otherwise he will become a reputable defender.

So yeah, Blue Jays does not need to speak loud about their top prospect potential. Equally or not, the evaluators in the baseball game do it.

After four days of talks at the Vegas Winter Meetings, here are some other observations on the Blue Jays and the entire market …


In many ways, Nathan Eovald's four-year, $ 68 million deal is symbolic with a higher tendency: the teams will rather pay players what they will do and not what they have done.

As one agent said, "IOU is extinct."

In 2018, Eovaldi gained only 111 innings, and he lost the previous season, recovering from his second Tom Jane's operation. Ten years ago, this profile would not have made Eovaldi one of the best-loved agents of the game. But, as everyone saw in the World Series, the 28-year-old is brilliant and miss little detail and excellent control. Joins it with your youth and you have a serious demand, despite his history, as he has often lost a game whose results do not match his affairs for most of his great career in the league.

Boston Red Sox, starting with a cup of Nathan Eovald. (Jae C. Hong / AP)


Some observers are somewhat astonishing to see that Ross Atkins described the meeting as "very productive" when the only tangible benefit of the team was the choice of rule 18, age 18. Atkins said that Blue Jays had "incredible sense of opportunity", but how meetings could have been so productive when their magazine was not obviously better?

In many ways, this is a matter of goals. Blue Jays did not arrive in Las Vegas to make a deal. Their goal, as far as I can tell, was to gather information about the markets and free agents, while spending time face to face with the players.

After all, this information needs to be moved, but, like most teams, Blue Jays protects itself from pressure to handle winter meetings. The season starts on March 28th. There is no award for the winter business to expire on December 14th. Moreover, as a recovery team, Blue Jays can afford to wait more patiently than rivals who require special decoration.

During the last season, the teams were patient enough to benefit from the closing season, and some believe that the new anniversary clubs are offering similar offers.

"I think the teams realized that it was in their interest to wait," said one agent.

This can happen, but it should be foreseen that the MLB should be considered off-season as a way to ensure that those who work behind the scenes are idle.

"Anyone needs a break at some point," Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski told reporters in Vegas. "They have to change the rules or somewhere there are downtime. Every other sport has just what we own. It's longer and longer."

How deep out of season will Bryce Harper wait before signing?

This idea would undoubtedly target a large number of overworked workers and could approach the MLBPA, as deadlines could increase demand. It may not be so easy to persuade the Commissioner because low prices will benefit the teams. In addition, it's important that the news be 12 months a year.

Regardless of the fact that deadlines are not yet in force, so now we are in the middle season, not at the end. With that in mind, it's a little less jarring when Atkins says, "We've definitely done what we're ready to do."

There are many good reasons why Blue Jays is patient, so we should take action not after their season but according to their quality. At the same time, they have not succeeded or not.


As MLB front offices become more complex, agents try to speak their own language. Throat Brochures I have seen a reference for advanced stats, including wRC +, protects running saved and spin speed. Carefully wins over the replacement symbol.

Indeed, by calling these statistics "upgraded" is no longer completely accurate. They are used everywhere: in television broadcasts, scoreboards and now also in teams.


• Winter Meetings are timing management for GMs and other top managers who can not go through the lobby without stopping all colleagues, journalists and fans.

• Blue Jays does not seem to have been serious candidates for Charlie Morton or Lance Lynn.

• One observer pointed out that, since Blue Jays is looking for the release of Trojan Tulovicka by veteran shorts, Alcides Escobar might be worth exploring.

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