Thursday , March 4 2021

Yosil has denied the Chinese team's fat salary

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Arsenal midfielder Mesut Jocil – Erkut Sogut has confirmed that the player has refused to offer great deals from an Asian team. The German origin of Turkey has reduced its price by 1 million pounds a week.

"In the case of shipment, money is not the biggest factor, but it is definitely important, but people have to remember that football is another aspect of the negotiations, and today the player's commercial contribution is important.

Mesut is the most successful follower of social networks in the Premier League, and I have read that he is the salesman of the club's largest t-shirt. After all, all this information is taken into account.

So the sales side is very important for a player like Jocil who has played in different countries and was the 10th place for the national team that won the World Cup. It is in the global market.

The club earns money from these players, and everything is decided what his heart says. We could freely sign with other teams, but Mesut likes the club, "said Sogut.

A Turkish german is receiving £ 350,000 and has been requested to move to Turkey for some time. This summer it was often said that Besiktas was interested in him.

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