Monday , June 5 2023 | News | Software Update Modifies Model 3 for Drift Expert!


According to Tesla's sources, an upgrade by which the new 3rd model will be placed on the track is already ready for customers.

This will allow the car to do things that have hitherto been completely impossible, even if you are trying to reach them at higher speeds.

The system is intended for use on track only. The biggest change is that the thrust is turned off while electric motors simulate the locking difference.

This change should allow a powerful electric car to be diverted as never before.

If the car is powered by four wheels, the system will position the front axle, ensuring a more neutral feel and, of course, easier drifting.

The update will also optimize battery cooling as well as energy recovery to keep the brake in the dynamic disk.

We still do not know how electrically this kind of rails will be affected, but we hope the engineers thought about it.

The update is expected to be automatically downloaded in all three models shortly. We expect video.

Is it possible that Model 3 becomes an animal track? The first steps are definitely promising!

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