Sunday , March 7 2021

Weather: Today there is more cloud manager. Bg

Today is mostly cloudy, but almost unheated. The temperature will remain without significant changes in the range of 10-15 degrees, to 17-18 degrees in the extreme western regions

Above the mountainous cloud will be more significant, the more sunshine over the southwest of Bulgaria. He blows moderately, tall and open, and a temporary northwest wind. The temperature will drop and the maximum height of 1200 meters will be about 8 °, 2000 meters – about 2 °.

Over the Black Sea will be cloudy, places before noon and fog. In some places it will return. Windy north wind blowing. Cooler, with a maximum air temperature of 10 ° to 13 °. The temperature of the seawater is 15-16 °. Sea excitement will be 2-3 combs.

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