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WARNING – GRIP: The first season events are approved

The winter became full, so the first confirmed cases of influenza. The mother and her child are identified by the so-called. swine flu. Each year hundreds of thousands of our country suffer from flu, and some of them are fatal.

"Two days ago, the National Reference Laboratory showed the first cases of influenza in Sofia. Last week, four times that strain of the flu has been demonstrated in the EU," prof. Todor Kantardjiev, Director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases and Parasitology, explained "Hello Bulgaria".

WINTER IS: Are people sick with flu?

It is typical that young people are particularly ill. Studies have shown that influenza complications affect the lungs.

"In recent years, one of the complications of severe pneumonia in influenza is systemic aspergillosis," explained prof. Kantardjiev

Dr. Kunchev: Virus infection is not an antibiotic solution

According to him, almost all of the country people complain about a cough that lasts for months. However, these are also other autumn-specific viruses. Winter viruses have not arrived yet. Those people who have cough should be more careful because they are more susceptible to influenza.

Symptoms include fever, joint pain, headache and eye irritation from light, explained prof. Todor Kantardjiev. Influenza develops fast within a few hours.

When is the best flu vaccine time?

"He, unlike all the viral winter infections, usually has a short incubation period – day, day and half, one is infected five to seven days," said the director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases and Parasitology.

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