Tuesday , March 21 2023

Volene Siderov demanded Karakachanov's resignation from Bulgaria


The chairman of the United Patriot PG and Attack head Volens Siderov called on Krassimir Karakachanov to resign, reports BGNES. Siderov said that this is not about personal attacks, but about how the United Patriot Coalition should work in the future.

Earlier, he said in a statement that Valery Simeonov resigned as deputy prime minister of Bulgaria, did not agree with him.

Siderov expects members of the Coalition Council – Borisov, Tsvetanov, Karakachanov and Simeonov himself – admitted that he was right a month ago, announcing Simeonov's resignation after the inappropriate sentence for mothers.

"Why should this whole wave of protest be canceled to return to resignation?",

Siderov asked. According to him, this resignation is already overdue, and it is directed against the accumulated outrage of this action. "I do not know now whether the damage is easy to repair, which Simeonov has done so long while he is stubborn," said Volens Siderov.

Asking the question about replacing Valery Simeonov to the post, the head of the Ataka said that he did not offer any fourth deputy prime minister. "Why should be the second patriot prime minister's deputy, why a prime-minister-without-portfolio is needed, perhaps three deputy prime ministers – Donchev, Zakhariev and Karakachanov – will remain, and they will do it," he commented. However, if such a person is named, Siderov said that he would be a technocrat, not a batch figure.

Volens Siderov criticized this mismatch in the direction of GERB.

"A few days ago Valery Simeonov would have split the coalition if he leaves, today I hear Tsvetanov saying that nothing will be interrupted,

it will even strengthen. What is the truth that happened during these two days, "asked the leader of the Attack.

According to Siderov, after the resignation of Simeonov, it is possible to raise the issue of the chair of the Patriot PG again.

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