Saturday , January 29 2022

This is the entrepreneur who ordered the destruction of the dunes in order not to disturb the sea view of the Society


Ivan Nonchev, a 45-year-old entrepreneur from Burgas, is a man who ordered sand dunes to dug out, Flagman reported.

He lives in Burgas, Lazur, owns Tars Nonchev PRO and sells truck parts. He is the owner of an impressive caravan who was parked in the dunes in early summer. According to camping sites, Nonchev complained several times that his dunes had hidden the sea panorama, reports Burgas.

According to two arrested excavators Manol Pazvantov and Vasil Georgiev, Nonchev paid them 1,000 levs and gave instructions on what to do, there were even spikes. They matched the sand formations, believing that when they were called, everything was legitimate.

However, Ivan Nonchev himself himself says he does not know it at all. He had seen them for the first time and had never spoken to them in his life. The investigation is continuing.

All three are detained for 24 hours, charged with charges of up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 10 to 100 thousand leva.

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