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The sixth fact behind the most troublesome is the inter-star guest – Oumaumua

At 19 octaves in 2017 hour is routinely monitored with a telescope Pan-STARRS, in Sunnyvale the system is opened off the inter-object object Ouumauama. It is impressive from the fact that the bee is similar to everything in common for dinner, and it's not uncommon for the boats to come from the distant dzharzhava. Next you will talk with the guest, maybe you'll understand how you know how and how to cook on the basi džrzha, without a visit. The commodity is excellent, it is especially important for us, especially for our time, and we do not need any hour of the hour, and maybe chiliadoletiya, so let's visit the closest star with the help of the chemical weapons missile.

Udinitelno e, chashi nashyat pryvi interzvezdenye gost sel prov tvъrde is strange and for nothing not prilicha on vyyannoto dozega. But let's understand, if the space object is not used for this, then it will be broken down into space on the cosmos and not muzhahme, and we will check more often than not the strange properties.

Это списъктт шестьте твърде необичайни facts for Оумуамуа:

  1. The suppositions of the second planetary system will remind the Sunnyvale system, Pan-STARRS would not scatter and open such a cosmic rock. In the course of time, 10 o'clock precipitated a predefined abundance of interstellar asteroids, which, apparently, are hidden from the Ouumauuma, and the sega assumes that it is a member of the accidental stream on the asteroid. With the other thought, the Ovoumua signifies a sign that they are on the intercrowing of objects, many of which are on the shoulders, as it were. Every star from Mlechnia pit, prez itveto on isotsionously coexisted, would be trasbvalo da izhvъrly 1015 Similar to the Object, for this reason, obtain a sufficient population from the asteroid and on the basis of the ascendant, and this explains otkryvaneto on Oumaamua.
  2. Ouumauya reaches from a lot of a specific point on the cosmic space – from the point to the kinematics the local standard for rest (LSR) is localized. This is a point in the vicinity of Slycanto, where the velocity of the sky is equal to the average speed and the magnitude of the ray in the tozi. Toast, in a bowl dot, whistles, blink the stars, they move in the same way. It was simply said that the point from the basin is an ideal block or camouflage, which does not give a nicavacious effect, and it will decipher whether or not it will reach Ouumaamua.
  3. The scientist thinks that the stars of the asteroid are from the star of the starvation star, and many of them are nazarates in the shadow of a planetary system. Such, for example, in the clouds on Oort on the nasate of the Sunny-sky system, which has a stretch of 100,000 pounds apart far from the Earth to Stsenko, gravitation and Stsenko, they have a weak influence on them. According to the thesis, "Obekti sa pakankat'chni and sвvsem malki of speed" – from порядка на километър in a second, for yes they will creep in space. But when it comes to this, the theses of the asteroid will imply a velocity on the loose star relative to the LSR. Toest, aka Ouumauama, flew from a typical star, the low velocity of the traffic and road is high – about 20 km / s (the average speed is relative to the LSR). But the bases of the thesis do not weigh the cosmic guest
  4. Namaam's pictures on Ouumauuma, but the brightness of the night is not enough, dëlzhascha sel on otzzenata from slytseto svetlin, that ray is 10 pit for 8 hours, kolkoto e periodajt mu on sredtana near the property sys. The commodity means that the asteroid is an intense form of form – not less than a minimum of 5 to 10 pitches per inch from width. The autumn, the analysis of the rather "acrobatic" motion of the show, is a non-empty form, the appearance of a palace. Asteroid asteroids, dori and most extreme, observing in chvetashta the story, са със съотношение дължина / ширина не повече от трех пъти.
  5. The Cosy Spitzer Telescope will not open the roof to view the infra-red light from Ouumauya. Kato this measure is predicted by the temperature on a nevovata povarkhnost and trajectory on the tops of the asteroid is close to Slyntse, maybe yes, he says, he does not have the maximum size of about 100 meters. Aco accepts the size of the limit for the correct, then Omuamuyu trubva yes it is extraordinarily brilliant, with a coefficient of reflection of at least 10 pits, in a hole from the asteroid s Sanchevata system.
  6. Trajectory on Oumamuaa This rejection of the ochquanate, is calculated on the basis of gravity on Salsanto. The deviation is small – about two percent of the percentage, but statistically it is of golayom significance. Like the behavior of a comet, it is a lot of ice on the traffic light, and this is a heat from the silt of the oil and the rocket thrust is being radiated from the air. But like an inertia, it would disguise the comet, and no one would be bellied like that. The telescope is a spitzer showing the total thickness of the lyse on the carbonaceous molecule or ash near the Ouamuamua, and because of the beginning of the stage it is clear that there is no evaporation of the gas in the yam. Auschwitz cometnet would have changed the period on the Ouromawaya, but it is similar to the Niemasha.

The tubes are routed to the orbital on Oumamua, and I would not have been able to use it from the window to the moorland, often from the asteroid, when the goods hit a single impulse blow, for a different kind of observer from the observation of the unpredictable intrusion. In the case of the remainder, it is the very essence of the possibility: the trajectory of both the radiation and the sunscreen is doplnitelnata. For the purpose of effective pelvic traction, Oumaumuya tryabva and bjade tanek slightly from milimetr, but with a size not small from 20 meters. Toest, sunny for a fee, similarly to a salarotno fee from Japonskata Misia IKAROS.

Aco receives, because space object is eclectic, it does not solve it, it is common cosmic "writing in a bottle", which somewhat self-sufficiently fit us with the trace of the interpretation of the hour tersen on signals from the exaltation of civilization. The commodity is sunny for a fee, and it is souled out with the non-existent supply of interuzveznetnut atoms and dust, dakato p'jesthastya out of space on the galaxy.

There is a lot of mischief in the Omuamamua, and it is a good idea to recapture what the saga of Sherlock Holmes is – how many exclusions are possible, the things that are left, the kolkoto and, yes, it's unbelievable, is truth. The Cosmic Telescope of Kepler shows, and there are many stars in the Mlechnia pit, which is the planet's ima, similar to the Earth, with potential empathy and imma, the water flows on the pseudonym and the stomach, as the universe knows. That is why it is fair and assume that in the inter-zvezdno space is quite a bit embarrassing from the objects of the object – it could be called for the purpose of the discovery, but may just be fragments of the weapon. But for a while, we will check the effervescence of the product to Oumaamua, we need to know the data. Or Karl Seigan's Captcha "извънредните твърдения изискват извънредни доказателства"

In general, probabilistic and reticent cosmic drag and drop in the limb on the Sunnyvale system e tvor malka. By chance, by chance, a object similar to us is liked, it would scratch the stomach on the far and the star and let it be dumped into space 1015 Слънчевы платная – тоэст, по обычным на всеки 5 минуты. But the toy barge on solarnet paid can be blessed with the color of the object, but the object of the kato Ouamuamau does not fly on the occasion of the beginnings, but the track of the specialist orbits, which gives them the opportunity and to fascinate in the space of the inhabitants of the region on the planetary system of the star system, as it is and the nashata of the Sunnyvale system.

Ouumaamu this motion tvare berez, for the reason that we will launch rockets with a chemical cooled and overtaken without gravity help on the planet. But to the odd thing the asteroid still needs a clock for hours after the Sunnyvale system, and we can still explore this with the help of the cosmic sonda, and we will develop the technology behind the space for 10-20 hours, cosmic peckstrations.

Autumn, maybe a star-star is new. Take a look at the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, which is a lot of sensitive and can open an object similar to Oumaamua. Ochvaka se oche prez pravvata goda na negovata darbo ja bjatat to open a lot of similar obekty. But we do not want anybody else, we still know, Ouumaamua beat the nastina very special and rubbiva and I will catch up and let's see how it's crooked.

6 Strange Facts about the Interstellar Visitor 'Oumaamua

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