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The flu is developing by itself for a short time and prolong 5-7 days

At the beginning of two days of the Nazionalnaat, the reference laboratory proves that there are cases of influenza in Sofia. In the aftermath of the week in the framework of the EU, this is a proof of chetyre, which is a pity for the flu of the Tozhi Sham. Explain the goods before the New TV prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases and Parasitology.

Characteristically for him, eh, boleudupat premimly lolayte choir. Examinations show that the complication is that when a flu occurs, the white fraction is reached. "Just wait for a few hours from the complication of pneumonia when you have flu viruses of the system of aspergillosis," explained prof. Kantardzhiev

In almost gandatata, the country of the chorale is paying for the shoal, which is prolonged from the meseats. There are other types of viruses that are characteristic of esentas. All the more so did not reach the characteristic of the virus of the virus. The abstracts of the choir, koito sa with a parsnip, трябва да са in-a-внимателни, защото са in-a-pleasures for a flu.

"Symptom is the temperature, the pain in the setting, glare and tease at the purge of lightning," explained prof. Todor Kantardzhiev. Influence of the development of the bursa – in the framework of the night of the hour.

"It is the difference between the virus infection of the winter virus and the most abundant period of the incubation period – day, day and half." The boat is contagious from days to days, "explain the director to the National Center for contagion and parasitic illness.

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