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Sports Can CSKA move the Ludogoreta throne in the First League

Can CSKA shake the throne


Five rounds before the end of the season Ludogorets returned to the championship, or at least tried to do so. The champions lost their visit to the Black Sea and thus resumed the door to CSKA, which is less involved. In the event that the Reds win Botev on Monday, they will only arrive at two points after the champion and will have a direct Bulgarian army game.

Only a month after the start of the second phase of the championship and won the championship player, the first league fight was several times. A week ago CSKA with Levski seemed to see Reds losing all opportunities to the title, but now their ambitions can be revived.

What's going on in Razgrad

Last year the situation in the First League can be described in one sentence – all the leading teams get a big drop in their performance, but Ludogorets is the weakest and therefore the winner. The champions' season is characterized by many high and low values ​​and it is difficult to find the right solution for all problems in Razgrad.

The team managed to get points in the derby with CSKA and Levski. Stoicho Steve's arrival briefing was a task to stabilize Ludogoret, but at this point it is difficult to draw such a conclusion. Stoev does the same as his predecessor and now assistant Antoni Zdravkov.

"Nothing happened during the game against the Black Sea, we were wrong, we lost the ball easily, we gave great confidence to the host team, won well," said Stoev.

Can CSKA shake the throne


The "Black Sea" duel created alarming problems in Razgrad, the second half of Marcellino's reaction. The champion playwright threw his finger at his trainer as he sat on the bench and spoke loudly.

Brazilian player who played some of his strongest games with Stoev in 2013-2014. In the season, now shows that at least a coach does not follow any of his football players. The main issue in this situation is whether Ludogoretz has enough qualities to get back into the situation and return to the right track.

The champions have heavy graphics to the end, three out of five games – Beroe, CSKA and Botev. There are no statistics on the Ludogoreta side after the team has only two wins in the last eight games.

Situation in CSKA

CSKA is even more interesting after the red was in a big blow in the middle of the week. The Lubomira Peneva team dreamed about two and talked about one, but instead was removed from the Bulgarian Cup in the middle of the "Bulgarian Army" with nine people from Boteva.

Now it is with a visit to Plovdiv that the red season is a crucial stage. Success in Tovevo could revive the ambitions of the Penev Championship and his players. However, the statistics are against the reds, who have not played in the Botev Square during the season.

Can CSKA shake the throne


In the last eight games, CSKA has only three wins – Vereya, Etar and Ludogorets (for the cup). However, Botev is not the only obstacle for the red, who then visits Varna. Then comes the direct game with Ludogoretsu.

"The championship is similar to this, I was waiting for six points a year, but I know it is not, and CSKA is in a similar situation, but the team has no alternative but to win the chance to win Botev in Komatevo and to take all his remaining forces, ”said former red coach Asparuh Nikodimov.

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