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Split Dune Overlooks Entrepreneur View, Recover After 100 Years (Video, Review)


All institutions have learned about the excavators from the media. Even the beach concessionaire was surprised

Smokinia's destroyed dunes at Sozopol have been around for 100 years. Regardless of the size of the ruined natural monument, we will no longer see these dunes. They may appear after another 100 years. This was confirmed by experts from the Bourgas Ecological Inspection. After the signal received 4 days ago, the RIEW checked for dirt damage.

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Sand dunes ",

Kavatsi County, which has been in force since 1984. Geodetic measurements show that the dunes that have been destroyed are entirely part of the beach concession area. The inspection was carried out by an ecological inspectorate, with the participation of Ivan Ivanov, the representative of OOD of the Black Sea Coast Group.

The exact size of the damaged character will become known on Wednesday when the report of the licensed inspectors is ready. They were commissioned by the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism. The data on the destroyed dunes are contradictory and, in other words, about 300 square meters have been deleted about 2 acres.

"These dunes are not the kind of wind formed in the second season," said Tonka Atanasova, a 24-hour engineer at RIEW. And he categorically denied the sand drops from so-called. wind.

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on the beach, visible from the main road, and I do not know to what extent these bangers will go to them for 1000 levas. They don't realize what they are destroying, ”said Atanasova. According to her, at least 100 years must go through until the dunes are restored, but there is no guarantee.

"This is a very conditional period, depends on many factors, and it is impossible to say exactly. They cannot even be recovered, not to mention that they will not be the same," Atanasova commented.

In any case, the Ecological Inspectorate would require the concessionaire to transfer part of the distributed sand instead of the damaged site.

One of the detainees – Manol Pazvantov – was the nephew Ivan Ravadinov, Mayor Ivan Pazwantov, who had turned off his phone. Sand formations lead the white dune of Pontic, they cannot be built, trailer, cafe or pub, even beach umbrella.

Atanasova explained that after observing that the dunes are entirely on the beach, the dealers can be punished even if they have not destroyed it. They can be punished by the Ministry of Tourism, which has signed a band management agreement and they have not kept it.

They can also be criminally responsible if they prove they know about the vandal law.

According to the prosecutor's office, there was no concrete evidence at this stage that the concessionaire knew what was happening. Beach renters say they were very surprised at what they saw. They were the last in Jordan camping and everything was normal.



preserves dunes

He must comply with the treaty and prevent such actions from third parties, ”said Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. She explained that the concession contract contains a special provision for the protection of dunes. "It is therefore important to determine whether it has warned the authorities," said Angelkova.

The RIEW urged all citizens to call a green phone if they saw violations. The scandal with the Smokynia beach dunes, the department learned the next day from the media and was destroyed on Friday.

"If the signal was presently present, we could respond immediately and save it or at least stop it from being destroyed. We cannot be everywhere, so we rely on awake citizens. all the trailers would be moved from the field.

The Burgas police also said they were not receiving a signal.

"We knew from the media. If we knew above, the case would have ended," said the head of Directorate-General ZM in Burgas, senior commissioner Kaloyan Kaloyanov.

Thanks to the locals, the police quickly reached the direct culprit Manolu Pazvantov and from there to the guarantor.

Ivan Nonchev

from Bourgas



He was found to have a luxury caravan in front of the dune.

Manol, 24, told researchers that he had worked for Noncev, who introduced him as a field owner. The excavator was worried "not to be afraid", but Nonchev calmed him down. Both are accused of destroying a natural monument. Nonchev is accused of being prosecuted and Pazardžov as a direct culprit, the prosecutor's office said. "The law is up to 3 years in prison or a criminal case and a fine of 3 to 10 thousand.

The Russian crawler has been gasified without a registration number in the protected area that has found the investigators. They have never found direct witnesses for the work done on the evening of 11 January, so they will rely mainly on the testimony of a third prisoner who is only a witness. It is an 18-year-old student from Ravadinovo who, together with Manol, was in the excavator.

"Nonchev does not acknowledge the fault, but the excavator and the student detail the facts of the case. We cannot accept such justifications as:" I didn't know that it was a protected area. He said that, according to preliminary data, some of the destroyed dunes were on the beach and there were also private properties.

"That doesn't mean that the dunes can be destroyed," said the Burgas appeal prosecutor.

Ivelin Vassileva: Destruction of dunes is an obvious attack on nature

The case of blackjack is a crime that is punishable under the Protected Areas Act and the Criminal Code. I hope the offenders will get the most serious punishment that will be a lesson for all who reach nature. Dunes are a natural formation that has been created for many years and is brutally destroyed.

We are catchers and we know the place. Now it looks like a moon landscape and, unfortunately, dunes cannot be recovered. It is a cruel, unacceptable attack not only on nature but also on us, people, ”commented Ivelin Vassileva, Chairman of the Ecological Parliamentary Committee.

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