Sunday , February 5 2023

Slavic Trifonov gives Manolov a chance to travel


Deeply regrettable for a legislative amendment that will deprive the Ombudsman of cars and NCO drivers

The Slavic Trifonov will provide Masha Manolova with a car and driver to enable him to fulfill the Ombudsman's duties. The presentation was announced at the beginning of the exhibition.

The legal amendment stipulates that Manolova will get out of the NBO car in order to save money. She is already traveling by public transport and embracing citizens on the move.

According to Slova Trifonov, she has filled the Ombudsman's post and should be supported.

"I have the opportunity, I am an employer, there are other employers there, they can help," Trifonov said after a long speech, it is inappropriate to save money from an NGO measured by Manolov's car and driver and a service to drive and defend dozens of politicians who also use them for personal needs.

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