Monday , March 8 2021

Seamstresses, drivers and sellers will be most sought after in business until 2023 in Bulgaria. There are no half a million employees

In the next five years, most companies will need saddles, drivers and sellers, as well as traditional builders, welders and cashiers. It shows an Employment Agencies Survey among 5,012 business executives. They will also need bartenders, waiters and cooks.

In spite of technological development, according to the employers' own opinion, the main famine will be occupations related to the legal capacity of truck drivers and international transport, tractors, combines, bayers, cranes, firefighters, welders, rescuers, masters of ships, seamen, etc.

Graduates the most sought after will are teachers doctors and doctors medical sisters

This is followed by library staff, journalists, engineers, lawyers, financiers, psychologists,

Most employers require highly skilled workers in industry and construction.

So in Sofia, the most demanded will be heavy truck drivers, vendors and machine sewing companies. Employers have also requested IT specialists, accountants and fitness instructors. Plovdiv tailors are driving the missing profession, followed by teachers and machine operators. Burgas is mainly looking for waiters and tourists for tourism, while in Varna it will be a driver. Shipbuilding and maritime industries will also have a deficit. Ironing will require Veliko Tarnovo and Rousse, and carpentry Gabrovo, Pazardzhik, Sliven and Shumen. Pleven, Sagejdi Razgrad, and Targovishte librarians will be needed in Kolesta.

However, some employers can not predict the need for future staff due to the entry of robots into the labor market and digitization, experts said.

They explained it machines can replace workers streams its cashier and waiters

According to a study, 30% of 70% of professions can now be performed by machines.

According to several studies, 500,000 people have not been able to study in Bulgaria over the next 5 years. The honesty of accounts will also be the reason for the lack of incentives to engage in business in the country.

The most important requirement for bosses for new employees is the motivation and responsibility for the work. Surveys show that workers also need to have positive personal qualities. Half of the bosses wanted previous experience. Only 1/5 of the prosecutors are ready to provide services and 30% to cover part of the cost of a staff trip.

The company wants to invest in the qualification of its employees. There are predominantly training related to mass-seeking professions such as machine operators, plumbers, welders, fitters, technicians, engineers, clerks, furniture manufacturers, etc.

Leaders are willing to train their employees for cooks and parties. Few of them said they would invest in foreign language courses. IT training courses stand out in Sofia.

From their staff managers, they want to work with clients, they have self-testing and discipline. The poll shows that, according to the 55% boss, the most important skill that their staff should be is a good Bulgarian language.

About 45 percent of employers are their subordinates You have are responsible and work well in the team.

Foreign language skills and good computer skills make up 1/5 of the bosses.

"Only 32.4% of surveyed employers point out that digital competence is needed that is not inexplicable in the context of the IV Industrial Revolution, the acceleration of electronics and robotics and the creation of electronic brain robots," said the Employment Agency.

Employers' surveys by region will be conducted twice a year by conducting business surveys. The Employment Agency launched its second survey in August. The results help to properly channel efforts and resources to improve the relationship between learning and business needs. /

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