Tuesday , June 22 2021

Sasho Dikov with dissection: For our soccer needs beautiful women

Proven journalist and sports specialist Sasho Dikov conducted a full division of the Bulgarian championship. He is not satisfied with the development of this sport in our country, considering that no one will ever leave the traineeship to watch our current players so that the fans focus on relief using beautiful women.

"There have never been direct threats to football leaders, and there are cases, I remember the game from the CSKA with Marek, there was a much tough situation, I summoned a large figure from Levski during the demonstration and said:" Look at how the CSKA judges support them. "There was no They know that I'm saying what I mean, they are the names of the deceased Georgi Iliev and Vassil Bozhkov, it's much more difficult to comment on the Bulgarian championship, although things have changed now. Levsky is not Levsky, the team spirit is lost, and the league is at the same time as "A" regional group The Bulgarian Championship is viewed either on the subject or on guests. But it is considered to be offered in good marketing. No one wants and can not make an effort to pack. It is obviously impossible to attract the viewer with the players and the game, but I'm talking very seriously, women, models and mice, is a way to make football popular, so interest is growing. Years ago, Maggie Halvadjian b The idea is to put Italian in with beautiful women, but because of the efforts, the skills they lack now, but not.

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