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Prince Philip had at least 12 girlfriends in 73 years of marriage to the Queen of Great Britain


However, it has never been proven that he cheated on Elizabeth II

“I would have had a happier and easier life if Prince Philip had gone home to his pregnant woman that night instead of coming uninvited to my dressing room.” The words are said by Kirkwood himself, the highest paid stage actress in London in the 1950s and one of the women with whom the Queen’s husband has had a friendly relationship during his long family life.

He met Pat a year after he married Elizabeth II, discovering a new biography of him. The author of the film “Prince Philip Revealed – a Man of His Age” is the royal correspondent Ingrida Sewart, who has written books for other members of the monarchical family. According to her, the Duke of Edinburgh had a close relationship with at least 12 women after he married Elizabeth in 1947, but it has never been proven that he was a cheater.

The book says that Philip was taken to the popular actress in 1948 after a performance by a friend of her photographer. Later the company goes to the club where the prince

don’t stop dancing with Pat

and after this

they go together


photographer. For many years, Kirkwood struggled with rumors that she was Philip’s mistress. Before her death in 2007, she handed over personal correspondence with her to the royal biographer Michael Thornton, and she wanted the contents of the letters to be revealed only after the prince’s death.

All the royal biographers agree that, whatever the truth of the rumors about his communications, he must have always enjoyed

beautiful and much

women younger than her

points out Syard.

His first such friendship was with Princess Alexander, Elizabeth’s cousin and groom at their wedding. Unlike the queen, she is interested in sailing, and the prince invites her with her on cruises. As their travels became more frequent, rumors raged between Alexander and her husband of a love affair and a rift.

In 1987, evidence of a close friendship between Philip and the 25-year-old Duchess of Abercorn appeared. The most serious of these is the photo on which

the prince is just

with a towel around the waist

and he put his hand on the waist of Sasha, who is in a bathing suit.

Later, the Duchess will admit that they were close for more than 20 years. It was definitely not a full-fledged relationship. I didn’t sleep with him, even if it looked like that. It’s both complicated and simple. He needs a friend and someone to share his intellectual work, ”explains Sasha.

Another such thrill is the Duchess of Mount Batten in Burma, Penny Romance, the wife of his godfather Norton. She is 32 years younger than a prince. In 1994, the two became a cart racing team and toured the country together. The Duke supported him when Norton left him in 2010 for a love affair with a fashion designer.

A year earlier, Penny and Philip were filmed laughing in a car and riding a motorcycle. It is said that to this day, she continues to visit the 99-year-old prince in Sandringham’s mansion, where she moved to live, relinquishing her duties as king. Even she managed to persuade her to stop driving after last year’s accident in which two women were injured.

His list of girlfriends also includes actresses Sally Anna Hoya, Merle Oberon and Anna Masse, as well as Helen Corde, with whom she has been known since childhood and cares even when she marries. In addition to becoming the godfathers of two children, Philip also pays their school fees after his divorce, and it is understood that they were in fact born out of wedlock. Then

is suspected of

their father is a prince,

but Helen claims they are funny gossip, and she intended them for a French pilot. Rumors about the existence of his illegitimate children were also spread by Princess Diana, when their relationship was worst after her divorce from Prince Charles. Appearing in the media, she spoke of several of Philip’s illegitimate heirs and promised to find them, but died in an accident a few months later.

According to Ingrid Seward, most of the scandals involving the Queen of Britain’s husband are related to the fact that he has always been at war with the castle staff and refused to contact reporters. One of the few times he agreed to comment on his girlfriends’ question was during a 2006 television interview. “Every time,

when i talk to a woman, you are

claims I slept with him

as if she had no opinion on the matter. I’m pretty flattered that a girl my age might like it. It ‘s an absolute nonsense, “he said.

“The fact that Philip loves a beautiful women’s society has not prevented his marriage to the queen from becoming a stable relationship in which they both meet well. They have certainly gone through difficult times, but even if their marriage was somehow lacking, it is certainly not respect for each other. , “writes Sevards. Her research has shown that Prince Philip never manages to get used to his secondary role in the castle.

He is shocked to learn that his new wife is due to become Queen of Britain. The news of Elizabeth’s father’s death reached them in Kenya. He looked absolutely crushed, as if the whole world had collapsed for him, says friend Mike Parker, who is with them.

Returning to London, Philip took on the role of queen supporter. He was initially promised that he would be able to return to the Navy, but this never happened. “It was terribly difficult for him and at times unbearable. In the Navy, he commanded his own ship, he commanded, and in the castle everything else in his life was decided by someone else,” explains Parker.

their children will have a surname

queens, not her

Then, furious and deeply offended, he said, “I am the only man in this country who is not allowed to give his name to his children.”

In 1956, the two friends set out for Australia, where the prince was to attend the opening of the Melbourne Olympics. The four-month trip to various Commonwealth countries is a small compensation from the Queen for the sacrifice her husband makes while giving up his career in the Navy. However, the trip is overshadowed by the scandal that Parker has a love affair. There are reports in the American press that the Duke of Edinburgh is also in a relationship with another woman. But

queen fast

clears the scandal,

is going to meet him in Portugal.

“It’s a waste of time trying to change a man’s character. You have to accept him for who he is,” her majesty told a friend.

During the King’s tour of Australia in 1954, the film crew that made a film about them witnessed a rather violent scandal. Journalists are surprised to hear that someone starts fighting a lot in the hut where Elizabeth II and her husband are. Then they see Philip walking quickly into the garden, followed by a pair of sneakers and a tennis racket. A very angry queen is heard shouting at her to return immediately.

Director Loch Townsend recalls that Royal Spokesman Richard Colville asked the cinematographers to stop filming immediately, remove their films from the cameras and hand them over to him. Later, the queen herself came out and thanked them for their help, saying that she apologized for this little incident that she said happens in every marriage.

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