Sunday , February 28 2021

Mya Dobreva cuts Andrea: She is unpleasant and thick, and her hair is … – BLISTER

At the end of the VIP nephew, a singer Andrea allowed himself to criticize Mira Dobrev for her behavior in Parliament to Vanya Kostova. Kubrat Pulev's friend was outraged at the ugly epithets that the BNT maker stuck to a Tonic star.

Myra Dobreva's response was not delayed, and in her interview, Pulevica laughed at her illness – the kilogram of overweight with which she had fought recently.

"Hm, Andrea … As far as I know, it's uncomfortable and nothing is a train, and her hair can be just as severe as her eyelashes, and maybe silicone," said Dobreva, quoting Weekend.

The VIP Broker Roommate revealed what she would spend on her payment method. As her family has a huge loan, Mira will pay off some of her debts to the bank. Part of the amount will also be used for such pleasing things as traveling abroad, for example.

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