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Miu Staykov's son in front of the researcher: I'll shake the country


Staiko claimed he was not hiding. Not wanted. SM: No data to go out of the country

"I'll shake the country … I will turn it upside down if my case is not interrupted" – he turned to the investigation in his case, Stayko Staykov, but slept with the Interior Ministry. At that time, she ordered him that the prosecutor's office remove his lawyer Lyubomir Takov, who reported 24-hour sources, from his investigation.

Staiko is the son of entrepreneur Minyu Staykova, who has been detained since September for illegal cigarette production and tax crimes. Staykov-junior also wanted more than 5 months. His replies to witness Ralit Dasheva were witnessed by four persons – two from the Directorate for the Execution of Major Penalties, who held a detained, other patient and hospital worker.

Staicov even threatened that the investigator would "earn money" if he were to work on his case. He repeated a few times: "Attorney Kanev be careful!", Referring to the investigating prosecutor Angel Kanev. Staikov-son claimed that his case and his arrest were "story and order." Indirectly, however, he admitted that he was not kidnapped when he was looking for him. He said he was not hiding and that none of them asked for the addresses where he was living.

His version of the mysterious kidnapping carried out by police officers in their homes and under the patronage of the court Botoy Botev. "Logically speaking, things look like a trivial story. Fear of some facts," he told the Bulgarian National Television.

Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said yesterday that, according to official information from the Ministry of Interior, Staykov has not left the country. According to "24 hours" during Vinprom Karnobat and Topaz Mel in September Staikov was on vacation in Greece and later went to England.

Staicov is being asked another 7 people as a member of a criminal group for smuggling cigarettes, tax crimes and money laundering. He was led by his father. By the end of the week it is expected that the prosecutor's office will have to ask Staykov-junior for permanent arrest.

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