Friday , June 9 2023

Milan Iguen's sinner will decide on his soul + VIDEO


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Milan Gonzalo Iguain won his soul after he became a major sinner of 0-2 loss with the Juventus champion.

El Pipit was fined for his former team, and at the end of the San Siro derby he was expelled for insulting Major Judge Paolo Mazolen.

"I am sorry for my teammates, fans, coach and judge who knows what I said, but at the same time they have to understand the emotions of the players, and I take responsibility for their reaction and, while playing against their former team, it is obviously different. There were emotions we lost at this moment and we are not robots, "said Argentine shooter Sky Sport Italia.

"I hope this will not happen again, I know that these actions are not a good example for children, but judges need to be aware of the situation and do a little more sensible, I do too much and I know that it should be under control and calm," added Iguaine

Juve and Milan players tried to convince him during a dispute with a judge who was not controlled by the shooter. "I spent a lot of time in Turin, I appreciate that the players from both teams have been trying to help me, they know the emotions I'm talking about," said the attacker.

Then the question came: "Why did he leave Juventus after having had such a love here?" "Do not ask me," there was no delay in the answer, Igwain, who had indicated on several occasions that he was forced to leave. "The decision was not mine, it was to other people, so Milan came and showed that he wanted me, the reaction of my former teammates showed that I was loving there," added Latino.

He certainly does not follow Lazio's visit to the next round of A series. It is expected that a few days will be clear and how serious his sentence is.

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