Saturday , July 24 2021

Michaela Fileva: I will not hide my friend – curious – news about lifestyle, style, diet, fashion

Michael Filleva admitted that he was pleased with his neighbor and found that he had nothing to do with the music world and that his work was marketing.

"The truth is that I wouldn't hide it in any way, all my close friends know him, he knows my family, it's great," said the singer in an interview with bTV.

Michael Filleva also agreed that her beloved is marketing.

"Maybe she is one of the people in my life that I feel very happy that I meet at all because she communicates about how she treats the world around her and her very good barometer for good and bad," she adds. that she is very grateful for her incredible understanding of her as an artist.

"He is very intelligent, and I thank him for this support, and it is very valuable that a close guy understands the film, although he is not part of the whole desert park," added the younger singer.

"I strongly believe in the power of words and the ability to visualize the things you want to happen to you. I often do it. I am fortunate to have music as a means of expression that often helps me get up," she said.

"I'm better at self-analysis and define things I didn't notice so they could fix them and get them when I needed them," said Filleva.

Last year, the performer promised her to find more time for her relatives because she often ignored them for her work. She has therefore set the goal of learning to delegate work to others.

Michaela's last well-known relationship was a hip-hop contractor, Pavel, who both resolved without much noise and did not comment on the final details of her novel. Jelly also found love in the face of Christina Nguyen's model. Recently she was a MasterChef culinary reality participant, but shortly after he left.


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