Wednesday , February 24 2021

Many people with diabetes have not been diagnosed

There are a large number of ill-diagnosed patients and, accordingly, they are not treated and do not control their illnesses. According to the World Atlas of Diabetes, the actual number of patients with diabetes in Bulgaria is 520,000. Official statistics on diabetes registration show that the population of Bulgaria with diabetes is over 460,000.

These data were transferred to the Diabetes and Pre-Abet Association; Association for insulin pumps; Diabetic Type 2 Association; Patient organizations "At the same time as you" celebrate the World Diabetes Day on November 14th.

November 14 – World Diabetes Day to be held in the Ruse Central Marketplace will be held for measuring the campaign …

Bulgarian patient organizations reiterate the need for a comprehensive diabetes policy to address a number of specific problems.
They insist on improving access to diagnosis and diabetic diagnosis.

There are currently no comprehensive programs in Bulgaria to address the problems associated with: the lack of annual screening programs covering all at-risk groups; lack of specialists in small settlements and difficult to reach regions, lack of sufficient funds for prevention, wrote in a letter to the media.
This is the reason for urgent treatment and the cause of diabetes complications. It contributes to the extra budgetary burden and the need to apply costly methods of treatment for diabetes and its complications, as well as stress organizations.
Among the main problems in our country is difficult access to high-quality medical care in some regions of the country, and there is a lack of training programs for all diagnosed patients to improve control of therapy and glucose levels. Improve access to diabetes control

The Open Doors Day will be held on November 14 at the Clinic of the University's Multi-profile Hospital Endocrinology and Disease Center …

The nature of the disease is that patients with diabetes, lifestyle and nutrition are especially important in controlling good illness. But there is also constant control of sugar levels. Only 73,000 diabetics receive bandwidth for readers who are reimbursed by NHIF. In other cases, the control is weak or completely missing.
Bulgaria is one of the few EU countries that does not fully reimburse sensors and consumables. Sensors are the most advanced method for controlling diabetes, both for children and for pregnant women and for both adult and non-adult patients.
"We insist that the endocrinologist should treat all diabetics, whether they have or do not have directions, and, if necessary, should have an outpatient treatment for endocrinologists in diabetics, if necessary." Endocrinologists are currently only diabetics with severe complications, others have been observed. We believe that a more successful model is for the endocrinologist, it will benefit both patients and reduce the cost of treatment, "they invite patient organizations.
Attention is also drawn to the fact that the prevention of diabetes mellitus in Bulgaria is rare and exceptional. In patients with diabetic polynucleotide, treatment is often delayed when wounds develop in 3-5 stages of the disease. Diabetics have diagnoses of at least 15,000 Bulgarian diabetics in this complication of diabetes. However, it is considered that the number of patients suffering from diabetic foot injury is estimated to be about 5 percent of all diabetics, that is, about 26,000 people get ulcers, wounds. Due to sugar beet, diabetes affects about 140 people annually. Patients show diabetic polyneuropathy in the first and second stages, but many diabetics do not buy it because they can not afford it. In 3-5 stages, diabetic patients suffer from wounds and ulcers that are difficult and expensive to treat, causing tremendous pain, motility problems, workmanship, amputations. Due to the loss of susceptibility in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy, foot injuries can remain unnoticed and cause ulcers, severe infections and amputations later.
An opinion suggests that diabetic polyneuropathy diagnostics and pathogenic treatments, including those with symptom loss and loss of sensation, are needed to make clinics more screening and diagnostic devices.

Incorrect use of anabolic drugs causes several health problems. Therefore, specialists warned within 11 hours …

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