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Man died of the virus in Pazardžika, his daughter fighting for life

A 55-year-old man died of a viral disease complication at the Pazardjik Regional Hospital, said medical director Dr. Vassil Valchev, quoted by Focus.

According to him, a person was healed in a hospital emergency service after he had been sick for several days at home. He asked for medical help when he felt very bad.

"The patient is in a very serious condition with the complications of the virus and the associated diseases"said Dr. Valchev.

Despite the efforts of the doctors, the man died.

He added that a 26-year-old daughter with pneumonia was also admitted to the hospital. There are also two children with severe pneumonia in the intense sector of the second children's hospital.

"One child is 8 months of age with severe pneumonia and muscle atrophy as a disease. The other is 2 years old, including bronchopneumonia and cerebral palsy. Influenza infection has always been very serious every year. There are also so-called influenza-shaped forms of lightning and the complications become very fast and fatal"said Valentin Danchev, MD, head of the Pazardzhik Children's Hospital.

Yesterday the hospital reported that a 2-year-old girl from Velingrad had died of influenza, resulting in severe bilateral pneumonia. The child came to Pazardžika without heart and breathing.

"Despite our efforts, the girl died a few hours later. If they had spent the day before, we could save her"Added by Dr. Danchev.

He added that the first complaints should start using antiviral drugs, but not antibiotics if there are no complications. "Inadequate, dry, frequent cough and difficulty in breathing, mothers do not cure their children alone, but immediately seek medical help," the doctor suggested.

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