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Livurpul Chu whistleblower guillotine naught Paris – Football holidays – Champions League

Livrupul admissible third is badly defeating the catholic player in the group phase on the Champions League league and before the offensive. For the past few years, the finalist will play with 1: 2 at the turn of the day. I will put Pari Saint-Germain on Parc de Prens, which will be put into a position with a two-point difference (or exactly from 1: 0) with Napoli in the last race.

Frencitate Grande out a lot of Strongly half a half, a lot of falls and falls on Juan Bernat and Neimar, koytko state the best-match Brazilian in the Champions League. James Milnar has been reminded of the duspa more than before, but the pre-revolutionary part of the marsiside is not a reflection of nothing, and it is a matter of course that the traitor is happy with what is happening. Such a frapantno defeat in Sirbia, the medium of the total outsider Tserven's star may well be a fatal mischief, an actor Jurgen Bloop and a momchotta mu not a need for the results of the sowing of Napoli in the last sy mage.

In the second step from the group italiantsite is a legitimate victory srbskaya champion with 3: 1 at home.

Even in the 3rd minute, Livprudl saw that Chenia and God would not blame the forest for the "Park de Prens". Kilian MBapa is split up and removed from the ward on Dean Lovren and receive a passport in the field of punishment, kıdeto opiate diagonal shout. Hrvatskiyat defender se vvarna vareem and with timely twine to prevent sвvсем реананата небезпека. It was 3 minutes to go through the Mobape with the garde, a coal burner for Anhel Di Maria before the battlefield. Arzhentinets is a shturay powerful on the diagonal, and Alison with an incredible flunk of reflection in the corner.

It is logical to predict the onset of the attack on the 13th minute. Play on Touhl with a glimpse of the half-board half-line on Livpruul, and Verati with the hubbats passes barely, Mubape's targets in the field. Frantsuznat centrira on trevata kiem far and away, kedeto Van Dyke to clear enough. Nito Joe Gomez, Nito Lovren, reagaraha on the trunk, which is left in the penalto, and Bernat priticha and with not much blow to the goal of the ganglia gag – 1: 0.

Livyrpul se sosubsty trace pechenoto hit, and in a lot of power PSG, I let and play small running from the stove. Injections of the game play on Jurgen Bloop hardly stighaha to promising a situation, tjy kato imashe huge is a lack of media of submission to them. From their own country, the Parisians are trying to attack the counterattacks, but at the same time, in the 31st minute, the kato is still intact. Neymar and Kavani are well in the center, and Brazilian with a powerful tern in a good presention. This combination with a pearl neckline Mabape, which is ideal for passes from Wad Dike Kavani. The moment of the day is over, and Alison with the hero's flatness is stopped by the fire.

Six to go in a k'sno evening can not do anything, and save "shade". PSG will do this again with a slowly slow pace, and MbaPe will be left behind for a short time and receive a test and receive it in a dlbochina separately from the attacker. Frantsuznit tjarplyno vojezu in the field and then again with the pass on arbitrary targets of Kavani. Този път уругваецът съюмя да стрел, а ближилит се Alison парира шута. Topkata rebounds right kiem nema raziya se for two or three meters in the back of Neimar, kuotto without problems vkaar on the right gates – 2: 0.

In the very edge of the island you are halfway up, with a rare attack on Livpruul on the flank, you can get the right to dance. Anhel Di María se hvjrli on bezobrazen twine in a karkata on Sadio Mane, which co-opo prevosceschayki silatat on the contact polls, and this is a premise, padayyki early. Първоначално реферът Шиммон Марчиняк посочи ъглов удар, which will prove to a lot of protests from playing on "червенените". The head of the squad obviously gets help from the assistant to the back of the gate on the Bufon and in the extreme mark is changed from the outsider. This kind of player, James Milner, is found at the bottom of the tower, and with a blow to the back of the gum, the ъгъл will not give a chance to Buffon – 2: 1.

The second is frequent congestive with the canceled goal for PSG. Anhel Di María is a free kick from the hide and is taken away from the attack on the Parisians. Marquiso is screwed up and shattered by Alison, and the net is a pair of flipping flags on the pages of the Sage. Otzzhadeto beche much precisely, zaschotko Livrupul succeeded in posing in the exquisite ambush not itself Markiniros and more nyakolko other negovi sjotbornitsy.

The trace of this Livrupul is obviously due to the initiative, which is why it is known to the press, which is so ferocious and it makes a lot of gossip for the dream. Gradually the solid state protecting the block on the house, you are going to get conchal, and this is a congestion, and in the 60th minute a miracle is absent, and Firmino does not get rid of the resultant. Andy Robertson, this report, is much more precisely centric than it is, and with the sigh of "naked" on the "shroud" it is left alone. He is the one who has responded and the plagues are near, and the Bufon is not unnecessary, and the very point of view is as if it were a curse on the fate of sin.

In the 70th minute of the PSG, let's remind you that you are here and there, and you can not cheat on the attacker, but you will be able to set it with a player, who could be blessed with flutter when static. Kso razigran corner allowed Mabapa and the center, and for 8-9 meters from the gateway, Markiniros sparkle over Lovren and arrows silently with the head. Изстрелът беше точен, but Alison beeche on the city and save.

Until its edge, it is a great game on the roller coaster and the mouse – Livrupul, which means that you do not have the choir in front of your position, and you do not have to beat it and attack it, but PSG is more likely to have a chance on a counterattack. In addition, Killian Mbape will be released at the 85th minute. The coolest game is played by Andrew Robstars, who is ready to fight his twin, to prevent a Frenchman's chance, and this letter. The small trace of the basin situation Touhhel resolved finally and "shuttling" sredstva and razvod frencat star, replacing the one with a far-faded mood Adrien Rabio.

At the time of the fifth time, Neymar adds to the one-time follow-up to Alison, a lot of dangerous dangerous freaks. From about 23-24 meters, Brazilian shutyra over the wall, and the stove is se smekana kim dolny dasen ъgъл. Swoop on Livprul to ours and resolve it and hit the club in a corner.


1: 0 Juan Bernat 13 '

2: 0 Neymar 37 '

2: 1 James Milnard 45 + 1'-Duzp

PSG (3-4-3): Juan Bernat – Kilian Mbabe (85 '- Adrien Rabio), Edison Kavani (65' – Adrien Rabio), Gianluigi Bufono – Markiniros, Tiago Silva / K, Presnell Kimpembe – Tilo Coerer, Marko Verati, Anhel Di María (65 '- Daniel Alves) Eric Maxim Chupo-Moting), Neymar

Trine: Thomas Touhell

Livuprul (4-3-3): Alison Becker – Joe Gomez, Dean Lovren, Vardzhil Van Dyke, Andrew Robustins – Giorgio Vainaldum (66 'Nabi Keita), Jordan Hendersyan / James Melnar (77' – Jerdin Shakiri) – Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino (71 ' – Daniel Strijd), Sado Mane

Trine: Jurgen Bloop

Stadium: Park de Prens (Paris, France)

Main sejadia: Shimon Marchyniak (Polsha)

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