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Kremen's neighbors have heard the scandals for several months – they have heard Borislav invaded her in the wall (Obzor).

For 6 years a woman has filed 6 complaints against her husband, but then she retired

Prosecutor: Our society needs to know that domestic violence is unacceptable, unworthy and already criminal

The defendant's counsel advocates that the victim was mentally unstable and aged

On 24 February, she started a deadly final dispute with the scandal about clothes and goods purchased during the marriage between Borislav and Kremen Nikolov. A 41-year-old man was arrested for his wife's death two days before divorce.

On Thursday, Borislav was taken to the Varna courtroom, but no acquaintances or family relatives came to the meeting. According to the prosecutor's office, one can reasonably assume that he has caused a fatal blow to the head of the Kremlin. The crime took place on Sunday when a person exported his luggage from home.

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Earlier, Borislav asked his mother to help him pick up items. The body of Kremen was opened on Tuesday.

Yesterday, however, his defender said that when the client and his mother left the apartment, the Kremlin was not just a helpless country, but it was appropriate and legitimate, and the authority of the act was not proven. Because of his client's clean criminal and criminal history, he was trying to arrest Borislav for his work and permanent residence. However, the court left him in custody.

According to Nicholas' relatives, all their family lives together with constant scandals.

For 6 years, the Kremlin has submitted 6-7 reports of domestic violence against her husband, but a few hours later she withdrew her complaints. However, due to several signals the police have issued warning protocols against Borislav to control his aggression. In one case


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in the next scandal.

"Borislaw was painfully jealous. She was on her phone, reading the news. Everyone knew they had problems, so they divorced," said Kremen's girlfriend.

His colleagues say he complained about her unbelief. They saw that he was at work and even said that his wife had psychological problems.

"I've heard their scandals, but I didn't expect them to get there. I heard from the neighbors that he pushed him into the wall that he beat him. Nobody knew it well, the woman wasn't much, but everyone knows about their scandals. We've heard their fair for several months, ”explained a pensioner who lived on the fourth floor of the Nikolov quarter.

Borislaw spent a long time on the ships, but for almost a year he began working for a gold sister shop in Varna. The Kremlin was an interpreter and worked years ago as a guide.

Their marriage was difficult and they had serious problems that eventually led to divorce. Since the couple have no children and their own dwellings and they really do not have any in common, their divorce must be made by mutual agreement. The case was scheduled for February 26th.

Two days earlier, Borislav began collecting his luggage and ignited the last scandal. He himself admits to the investigators that he has a serious scandal with his wife on a lethal night. He called his mother to help him get into his affairs, pick up the TV and go out.

"The prosecution's opinion is based on a high-level version. This is especially important because it is based on a number of known circumstances. It is a scandal between the parties on February 24. The scandal arose from taking clothes from the common dwelling where he lived with his wife. There is a scandal, but it is not a reason to believe that the act of authority is undoubtedly created, and before this case there was a scandal, when Borislav called his mother, he relied on him to end the scandal.

At the same time, the expert has not reviewed Borislav to find out if there are scratches and scars in his body, and such beating and scandal suggest that it is.

If there were a serious collision, there would be signs of a struggle.

The Varna Prosecutor's Office, before informing the media, let me knock on other doors, go into several registers to check what it is. Then he would not have reported the Kremlin's complaints against Borislaw, ”said Encho Enchev, Defendant Defender.

With the last two sentences, the lawyer pointed out that the Kremlin was mentally unstable and treated.

According to lawyer Enchev, after Borislaw and his mother, the Kremlin climbed up to where their hosts lived, and held the door. But he didn't ask for help from them. She didn't ask for help or a doctor. She then went to her apartment and closed herself.

According to a national accusation on the deadly night of February 24, the scandal of the spouses escalated into cheating, leading to the death of Kremen. Autopsy showed that the cause of death was severe bleeding in the brain. Several bumps on the skin of the face, various back areas, upper and lower limbs due to strokes with hard-wearing objects have been detected.

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caused bleeding that caused death.

On February 25, the Kremlin's mother called for a long time on her phone, but after her daughter did not, she reported to the police. She knew about the killings and all the family divorce.

A site was sent to police and fire teams. They managed to get into the apartment through the balcony door on the second floor. They found the Kremlin in bed. Because of the testimony of the neighbors and the many complaints made by the Kremlin, the investigators seized the wife for questioning and on 26 February he was charged with accusation.

The only words in Borislav's courtroom said, "I have nothing to say."

As his lawyer accused the Varna District Prosecutor of his case of being based on this particular case, he "advertised amendments to the Criminal Code relating to domestic violence" that. Radoslav Lazarov, District Prosecutor, explained:

"Amendments to the Criminal Code do not affect the Nikolov case, because the law in this case provides for the same penalty – 15 to 20 years, life imprisonment or life imprisonment without replacement.

Death, as specified, does not happen immediately. But the reason is clear. The initial phase of the investigation does not allow for more detailed comments on the facts and circumstances collected.

However, the court that is obliged to judge them has admitted that they are sufficient to carry out the most serious procedural coercive measure. The fact that the dwelling was blocked after he left home and had no keys just proves that the other person has not included it.

I will not comment on the lawyers' accusations of Enoch, it is enough for the public to know that domestic violence is unacceptable, unworthy and already criminal from the point of view of our legislator. It's not advertising, it's facts.

The powers of the act in this case have been established in the light of the evidence obtained. There is no doubt that there is a presumption of innocence, and the authorship of the act will ultimately be adopted after a valid judgment, ”said prosecutor Radoslav Lazarov.

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