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Krassimir Karakachanov with comments on arrests in Stolipinov – Politics

I fully support the lawful activities of the police, arresting four people in the Stolipinovo district of Plovdiv. This is stated in the post of Minister Krassimir KarakachanovKrassimir Karakachanov

Krassimir Donchev Karakachanov is Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security, Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security and Defense, announced by the Ministry of Defense press center.

"In a police operation on January 30, Plovdiv's regional police station in Plovdiv and the city of Asenovgrad arrested nearly one kilogram of heroin by police officers at the regional police station in Plovdiv. Karakahanov.

According to him, under Article 85 of the MOU, the detention of four drugs was subjected to physical force that allowed the use of force and support for law enforcement action.

"The attempts by Stolipinov drug bosses and their addicts to ignore reality and talk about police action will not interfere with the application of the law. These lies will only be enjoyed by well-paid so-called human rights defenders, for whom the impunity of criminals is more important than the health and lives of our children."

As Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Security, I strongly support police action, which demonstrates the need to fully implement the law to protect the life and health of Bulgarian citizens, ”said Karakahanov.

According to him, Bulgarian society needs to know that in 2018 there were 254 police attacks.

"This arrogant illegality, most of which is caused by criminal proceedings in Roma neighborhoods, will be terminated. Again, I confirm that I fully support the lawful conduct of the police and the enforcement of the law by all means. I take this opportunity to personally thank the Minister for the Interior Mladen MarinovMladen MarinovMladen Marinov was born on November 21, 1971 in Teteven.

He graduated "Law" at the National and World Economics University, and Director of the Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior – Plovdiv Commissioner Atanas Ilkovs for their good work in this case, ”said Minister Karakahanov.

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