Monday , October 18 2021

In Australia they released 5G a month for $ 50 – Blitz


Telecom Optus has launched 5G Wireless Fixed Wireless Network in two Canberian and Sydney suburbs in Australia.

As reported, 5G home broadband will cost consumers $ 50 a month ($ 70 Australian). The tariff is declared contactless with a guaranteed speed of 50 Mb / s (maximum possible speed of 1 Gbs). As for the end user, the network connection is indirect: the company user installs a special modem that connects to the 5G network and transmits Wi-Fi.

In the coming months, the number of places where 5G fixed wireless service will be offered will increase: especially in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. In March next year, the fifth generation link will be able to enjoy most of the US, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South and East Australian enclave and Australian capital area enclave. In addition, Optus will cover 5G airports, railway stations and sports stadiums.

5G equipment supplier Optus is Nokia. Switching to the new generation of communications, the Australian telecommunications operator plans to upgrade existing base stations and introduce new ones.

In addition, in the words of Optus Manager Alana Liu, the company is currently working with a number of smartphone manufacturers to launch 5G compatible mobile devices.

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