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Ilona Musk is the greatest boss! His salary is 40,668 times his salary

They say that if the boss is headed by Ferrari, the worker must be able to buy at least a new Ford. Employees of the Tesla car company are hard to see with good looks if they buy Ford, but certainly cannot afford a completely new electric car, says Bloomberg.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission reports that Ilona's musk received 40.668 times more money than the average Tesla employee (US $ 4,600), while the average for large US companies is only 254: 1.

The $ 2.28 billion musk bill was introduced, mainly in the form of shares. As a Tesla boss, he only takes $ 37,000, but they are so useless that he can't even make money checks. Together with additions and bonuses, the amount is $ 3 million. At the same time, its employees can't even get a bonus for the goal. So far Muk has set 16 goals, but his company has only reached 2.

Its employees not only take part of their boss, but their salaries are lower than the engineers' salaries in other car companies. And even for this rule of law, they have no complaints – Tesla employees have no association.

Other billionaires are not as greedy to receive non-cash checks. Warren Buffett received only 7 times more than his Berkshire Hathaway average employee. His reward was symbolic, and his wealth was accumulated by privately held and traded securities.

No matter how insulting Mark Zuckerberg, thanks to Facebook scandals, he most often symbolizes everything – just one dollar. But there is no need to rush to admire the generosity of billionaires by spreading their wages to other employees. In fact, he has collected $ 8.85 million in other payments, mainly for security and private aircraft.

Not far from the symbolic prizes of Jones, which takes 2,500 times the average Manpower employee, Bob Eiger, who earns more than 1,500 times more than Walt Disney and Kevin Johnson, who produce 1200 times more of those who serve coffee in their chain Starbucks.

But none of them is as greedy as the musk, which, as we have already mentioned, is not even a pleasure to take his tests from Tesla. But he probably keeps his money on a black day when his company is far from being the leader in the development of electric cars.

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