Monday , October 18 2021

Get ready for a swift change of time over the weekend (DAY OF DAY) – BLISTER


Over the next 24 hours, the cloud will be torn – mostly high. In the morning, there will be fog in the valleys and valleys, as well as in the north-west. There will be weak, south-eastern regions – temperate south-southwest wind, and it will carry warmer air.

The minimum temperatures will usually be minus 1 to 4 degrees, and during the day they will be relatively warm, with a maximum temperature of 11 to 16 degrees in the lower northwest, where it will remain almost silent, reports Darik.

More than the Black Sea will be sunny weather. Major clouds will be above the southern regions without precipitation. It blows moderate southwest wind. Maximum temperature: from 10 degrees north to 15-16 degrees in southern regions. Sea water temperature is 6-7 degrees. Sea excitement will be 2-3 bales.

There will be a big cloud above the mountains. More sun will be in central and eastern Stara Planina. He blows up moderate to high and open parts – and temporarily strengthens the southwest wind. It will warm up and the maximum temperature of 1200 meters will be about 8 degrees, 2000 meters – about 3 degrees.

On Sunday, on the eastern side of the country and on the northern slopes of the mountains, moderate south-western winds will be observed, and the daily temperature will continue to rise to some 19-20 degrees in some eastern regions of Bulgaria and in the Balkans.

The cloud will be torn, mostly high and medium; in the extreme north-western regions and south-western valleys of Bulgaria there will be low clouds from which it will fall and there will be a lower daily temperature.

On the western plains and valleys of Bulgaria in the west, cloudy and misty weather will dominate, almost without precipitation; above the Eastern cloud will be torn, still mostly high. The wind weakens and moves from east to southeast. It will be warm in early February.

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