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Fight to bruises! Barca gets angry on board and shakes Sevilla + PHOTOS

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Barcelona finished the Spanish Cup semi-finals after winning Seville with 6-1 in Nou camp. The Ernesto Valverde boys continue to defend their trophies after 6: 3 success in both games.

Catalonians found Philippe Coettinho in the 13th minute, but the main moment was Jasper Silesia's penalty shot a quarter of an hour later. The Dutchman showed a great reflex and refused Ever Banega from the white point.

It won in Andalusia when Ivan Rakitica doubled and Barca was a quick double stroke shortly after the break. First of all, Philippe Coutinho scored his second goal, and then Sergi Roberto finished his mastery of Leo Messi.

The guests seemed to be mentally crushed, but Aaron's sailors' fierce and cruel charge error returned to them. 89 minutes into the game, Luis Suarez had a great chance to put his team ahead, but his kick from the left went wide. In addition, Leo Messi made the final score.

Both teams started at a somewhat slow pace and were unable to reach interesting situations, largely due to the overcrowded average number of guests closed all the time to the door. At the 7th minute, Leo Messi had a small chance, but he was immediately shut down and his shot hit the defensive line.

The fans of Camp Nou stood out in the 12th minute as Judge Jose Sanchez sent a penalty for Barcelona to Promes vs Messi. Argentina resisted Philippe Coutinho's performance, which shot in the lower left corner of the Soriano "smelled", but the shot was perfect and the hosts managed.

Shortly afterwards, the pressure on the guest door rose again as the quick victories of Jordi Alba returned to Luis Suarez, but his movement was blocked by Kjaer. Messi tried to add, but Soriano caught it.

In the first half of the year, Jasper Silesian retained a very attractive shot of Silvas with the fifth, and then in seconds, Sevilla got the right to shoot at Pique's offense against Mesu. However, Silesen exploded again, keeping the Banega shot in the left corner.

The shit was rescued, but only half an hour later Barca doubled. Arthur knocked home the 0 – 1 goal just outside the reach of the goalkeeper. Ivan Rakitic, who often relies on his speed, had a rotten day on the drenched grass. Croatia showed respect for its former club and refused to be happy.

Andalucians began more aggressively in the second half, but after a break Barca made his third stroke for the second. Philippe Coutinho got 10 meters from Luis Suarez's centering and gained experience with a wonderful experience to transfer the darts to the total score of both races.

Seville had not recovered from the croquet when he received a new one, just a minute after Coutinho's goal. This time it caused the Leo Messi genius who went Sergi Roberto in an exciting way behind the defense and the midfielder shot the opponent's goalkeeper with a precise diagonal shot – 4: 0!

In the middle of the second part, Koutinho's demands to play with Carico's hand were not respected, and shortly afterwards, Sevilla returned to Silesia's game. He was wrong with the ball back to him and was shot by Guillermo Arranna's fierce shell.

Fourteen hours before the end of normal time, Honey's unbelievable step was reached. He received it from Suarez, but he decided to flip the defender and his strong shots to the rescue goalkeeper. Five minutes later, the flea formed a new pass but a more complicated position.

Leo defended Sergi Roberto's defense, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the crossbar.

89 minutes into the game, Luis Suarez wanted to bring some new energy to their game. Uruguay first did an excellent defensive job, then worked all over the field and finished with Jordi Alba's left.

In 92 minutes, Messi entered his name among the bidders, ending the unique action of several shares, and with Suarez and Gerard Pique.

Barcelona – Seville 6: 1

1: 0 Philippe Coutinho – 13 Penalty
2: 0 Ivan Rakitic – 31 & # 39;
3: 0 Philippe Coettinho – 53 & # 39;
4: 0 Sergi Roberto – 54 & # 39;
4: 1 Guillerme Arana – 67 & # 39;
5: 1 Luis Suarez – 89 & # 39;
6: 1 Lionel Messi – 92 & # 39;

Missing penalty: Banega (Seville) – 27 & # 39; (Silesia Rescue)

Barcelona: Silesian, Pique, Lengerge, Alba, Roberto, Buscats, Racitic (Vidal – 76 & # 39;), Arturs, Koutinho (Semedo – 81 & # 39;), Messi,

Seville: Sariano, Killar, Gomez, Carico, Amadou, Banega (Ben Jeder – 77), Messa (Vasquez – 77),

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