Sunday , August 18 2019
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Drama with Peter Stoychev for another success (PHOTOS)

Ten-meter waves, ice winds and marine diseases transform Stockholm from challenging challenges in Antarctica. On Sunday, Bulgaria won the first swimming marathon on the ice continent.

The 42-year-old Stoichev first ended in the final race, exceeding one kilometer away a minute earlier in front of his rivals.

However, it turned out that his research was not completed. On the other hand, the Bulgarians must fight not only with fatigue but also with huge waves and marine diseases.

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In an interview with Aleksander Dudov, the captain of the vessel, the vessel was discovered the situation on the ship: "At midnight a very strong wind appeared, and the waves reached ten meters, which was very careful and slowed down, literally fighting these huge waves."

"I do not agree with the forecasts, but I hope that if everything is normal, we will soon reach Cape Horn," added Dudov.

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