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Our body shape affects not only how we look and how fast we get the weight, but also whether it's easy or difficult to separate it with excess fat.

Bodybuilding is the first thing to look for before choosing a sport that you will be doing. But our body shape is also something that we need to deal with when it comes to good health and a high quality of life. Remember that nutrition plays a crucial role in all these processes.

Choose your diet according to your number

Check out your body, determine your diet and balance your diet so that you can see not only healthy results, but also healthy results. We will look at the most common forms of body and how to care for yourself:

1. "Pear shaped" figure

For people in this group, fat accumulation is at the bottom of the body. Most women in this form can hardly remove excess centimeters from the thighs, because their body contains more water than women with other body shapes. To avoid this problem, consume more meat, eggs, fish and other protein-rich foods.

Ideal for you, watermelon and pineapple, because it completely cleanses the body. Green tea is also very good. Avoid white bread, rice and pasta to maintain the ideal weight and shape. For example, choose a sport like swimming, it will perfectly form your muscles.

2. Rectangular shape

You have a narrow thigh, less pronounced waist and breasts. If your body shape is completely equal then you can not get extra pounds. Your menu should include as much as possible healthy fats and proteins – consume avocados, almonds, drops, turkey meat.

Avoid fatfood and excessive desserts. Replace them with fruits and freshly squeezed vegetable juices. Otherwise, you have hormonal problems. To avoid them, use it. In your case, you can choose any kind of sport without any restrictions.

3. Body in the form of "apple"

Unfortunately, people with this type of figure are very easy to pick up pounds and very hard to share with them. Try to eat small portions as often as possible – this is the best solution to your weight problems.

Your menu should first have fruits and vegetables, vitamin C, and low-fat dairy products. Forget bread and vegetables that can cause stomach upsurge, such as cabbage and broccoli. It is important for you to do more than other groups at least three times a week.

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