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"Dieselgate"? VW has sold more diesel in Germany – technology

Volkswagen is trying to hide its dark past by concentrating its efforts on 50 billion dollars in electric vehicles. The company focuses on the development of a wide range of electric cars from I.D. families, but that does not mean it is ready to give up diesel technology. However.

In addition, the trademark almost doubled in diesel sales in Germany in 2018. It's about selling to individuals, but it's also the sweetest part of doing business. Overall, diesel delivery has increased by 4% to 43%.

"The diesel fuel debate in Germany is loaded with strong emotions," commented Jürgen Stakmann, a board member of Volkswagen. "Given the high efficiency and performance of climate change, diesel will remain an important technology in the coming years, especially for those traveling on long distances."

The latest generation of diesel engines developed by Volkswagen are not only more efficient, but also release up to 15% less carbon dioxide than an identical gasoline engine. Volkswagen claims that diesel supplies up to 10 g / km less than the previous generation, measured in the NEDC cycle.

Last year, Volkswagen sold 6,244,900 vehicles, up 0.2% year-over-year.

The Volkswagen group's total deliveries increased by 0.9% to a record high of 10,834,000, including some 200,000 MAN and Scania trucks. That is why Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance claims to be the first sale of light and light commercial vehicles, of which 1018 10 756 875 are owned.

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