Wednesday , February 8 2023

: Celtic Bites Cezo Andreev ::


Valentin Kulagin, a dramatist with a striking mouth, did not miss out to cuddle his fellow Csetso Andreev, who is currently celebrating Big Brother: Most Wanted.

More about the topic:

"I'm totally uninterested in the purse artist Zura of Koynare, but since he allows me to talk about me, I'll get a gesture back. I just say about Dwarf-Rhymn that

he is not the creator of "stars" and his free subjects, their colleagues, but not the creator of the vision. "

he wrote on social networks.

After participating in the show, Kulagin became a favorite in the audience, paying attention to Cecso's drug problems.

"And in fact, he is a cosmetics maker who makes our profession famous for having left dozens of brides and dresses without makeup because of his drug problems. Every day I seize my frustrated customers who do not want to hear him," he added.

Kulagina's speeches come as a response to the Andreev business card when he arrives at the show.

"There are people who deny the prestige of my profession and these are bad guys, and I can tell them one example, and this is the former participant in your transfer.

Bulgarian clowns are shame and shame. Collaborate! "

Tetsu said.

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