Saturday , January 29 2022

Can you guess which sexual video from Bulgarian cinema is in this picture? – Curious – lifestyle, style, nutrition, fashion


Can you recognize this actor only with your childhood photo?

We will tell you that at the moment, the film man is a sexist in the Bulgarian cinema. He has played many characters in the cinema and theater and is a real Bulgarian lover. We'll give you another very powerful joker. This beloved audience participates in one of the most successful television series in recent years – "Stolen Life". We are sure that you have already understood what it is.

If you still don't remember, we'll tell you. This is a picture of Vladimir Karamazov's childhood. The actor shared the framework of the past on the social network, and according to it he wrote:

"Vladimir Alexandrov, many years ago, when he did not question Vladimir Karamazov. Photo – an unknown photographer (folk creativity)"

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