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BSP issued a statement defending its four members who submitted a request for revision of the OECD (OBZOR)

November 10, 2018 | 14:56 |. | FOCUS news agency

Sofia. I do not understand the motives of the Attorney General. We draw conclusions from the facts – that the requested immunity was abolished after two years, at a time when, especially with Elena, her inquiry material and films were very bright. For this BSP head Cornelia Ninova said Darik Radio, said BSP Press Center half. She explained that the theme looks interesting – money laundering to buy camera and film shooting equipment in Syria. "All these things are weird," she said and reminded that the "signals" launched by GERB – Antons Todorovs, Deelan Dobrevs, Toma Bikov, all these statements at Kumgate. She explained that, according to Professor Georgi Mihaylov, the prosecution began after his marvelous expression in the censure vote on health care. "Two BSP blades! The opposition does not help, we do not award public procurement," said Ninova. She commented that Elena Jončeva had documents leading to conclusions about corruption and abuse, emphasizing that it was a route to Sogue where the catastrophe took place. She explained that a protocol had been signed before the disaster, in which various authorities discovered irregularities and violations in the construction of the bar, saying that they had to be corrected immediately, but nobody had moved their fingers. "Who is responsible – why someone has fallen asleep with this suggestion all year round," said Ninova. She commented that MEPs have demanded an objective examination of the circumstances – they want information, they want an independent laboratory. Cornelia Ninova said she had met with the Chamber of Commerce, she had ensured the rules, regulations, laws and the rule of law, and everyone would be at the same level that nobody would be subjected to the champagne in order to return to money from public procurement. She recalled that the Chamber requested that APIs should not be submitted to any request. "I refused and said that I did not discuss Elena. I do not want to, and I can not, because I want the truth – if there are violations, I'm responsible," said BSP head.
"The difference in the alternative budget is not that we offer another 500 million in health, we have 600 million at a time, 100 in social benefits, we have 120. That does not solve the problem. The difference is that we offer funding to change patterns," said Cornelia Ninova on the budget issue. She pointed out that the government's $ 500 million health care plan does not reduce drug costs, improve access to healthcare, keep doctors in check, and do not prepare new nurses. "Our budget is just that: not just pouring money, but giving money with the effects that people get," said Ninova. She commented that in the alternative budget for education it is determined that free money can be received by the 12th grade textbooks. "There is not much money, but they would help a lot of people," she said. Ninova explained that another suggestion is to get a textbook for the whole country. "There is no education system in education, no matter how much money is leaked," said the left-wing leader.
"The decision taken by the government states that city mayors and municipal councilors decide to increase the old car tax and set" no-to-limit "quotas. What I turned to our goals is to try to reach the lowest point," said Ninov on the issue of old cars tax increase. She explained that people were not guilty of being poor to drive old cars. Ninova believes that it is better to make efforts to increase income. "The priority is to help people," she said. Cornelia Ninova suggested doing other people's health – reducing their VAT on medicines or paying municipal mortgage debts to prevent or ultimately prevent prophylactic programs.
The BSC leader announced that the rules and procedure for nominating MEPs will be adopted on Sunday. She commented that she believed Sergei Stanishev was re-elected, who explained that he was "our nomination". "After serious negotiations in our political family, PES, it was decided to leave individual countries freely to create their own lists and platform – which messages are sent to the candidates. It is more important for Bulgarians to look at the people on the list and the people we raise and why they go there. , "says Ninova. "We will send people who will support the Bulgarian and BSP policies," the BSC leader expressed confidence. She explained that there are some things she does not refuse – from the Istanbul Convention and the position of the UN Migration Pact. Ninova commented that the Pact has a good text for our diaspora, but among worrying texts, such as small print, there are worrying things – to issue identity documents to people who have arrived without them. "We help the refugees in the war – it's international human rights in Bulgaria, but expanding the migration flow for environmental, economic and social reasons is dangerous," Ninova explained.
"People considered us part of the status quo. Therefore, we have proposed" Vision for Bulgaria. "We are not alone. If we were the same, I would have accepted the President of Parliament, my colleagues would be ministers. We have chosen the difficult path – to remain in the opposition and to distinguish from the status quo. That is true, we just have to continue the effort, not to abandon, "Ninova was categorical. She expressed her belief that she was an alternative to Bojko Borisov, but in politics, not in positions.

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