Saturday , April 1 2023

Blow! Prince Harry went on trial for a treacherous sexual disease! (VIDEO) – BLISTER


"When you test yourself for HIV, you need to be proud of yourself to shame," the 34-year-old British Prince said in a new video, part of the disease prevention campaign.

This week's Campaign for Free HIV Tests will take place across the UK this week, conducted by Harry, the BBC reports.

Beat everyone in Iceland! Kate Middleton to bring in something shocking to late Princess Diana!

"There is still a lot of inconvenience and stigma in this society, which stops us for a quick, convenient and painless test. We will not stop spreading HIV if we do not think that these tests are anything normal and completely available," he said.

Princess Diana, Princess Mother, influenced positive public opinion about AIDS / HIV when she opened a hospital chamber in London at the Middlesex Hospital in London in late 1987 and was confused with a patient who was carrying a virus before he took off his gloves.

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