Wednesday , February 8 2023

Because of theft? Maradona took millions away from her beloved daughters


Diego Maradona has inherited his ex-wife Claudia Villafane and both daughters. This was claimed by, the media that first reported the legend’s death.

He made his decision in Dubai. Diego had been married to Claudia for 24 years. The scandal that led to Diego’s decision was years ago when he discovered a shortage of $ 6 million in his accounts, as well as a shortage of 458 souvenirs he collected as a footballer.

He was then charged with stealing his ex-wife, and the trial lasted several years. Maradona loses, but excludes Claudia from his will. He does the same with Dalma and Janina, who were allies with his mother in this fight.

The fight for Maradona’s legacy is expected to be incredible. In addition to the five recognized children in Cuba, he has four and two other people on trial for their recognition. According to ESPN, the actual number of people who want to have a dead DNA test is six. His close friend Carlos Ferro Vieira said he had two more children in Spain from a relationship with Claudia Sibyl. Both were together for 3 years.

The legacy itself, as written in “24 Hours”, is estimated at $ 75 to $ 200 million. He had a mill and pasta factory in Venezuela, a five-star hotel in Cuba, the world-famous beach of Varadero, and five properties in the most elite places in Buenos Aires.

He returned from Belarus, where he was the director of Dynamo (Brest), with a diamond ring worth 300,000 euros, as well as an amphibious military car.

Maradona gave its name to chain football schools in China. He returned from the UAE with a Rolls Royce Spirit for € 300,000 and a BMW 7 for € 145,000 and a bunch of expensive sheikh gifts.

His personal lawyer, Matthias Morlam, owns the Maradona brand in Argentina and the United States, and that includes him in the distribution of ownership.

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