Tuesday , February 7 2023

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The pop-folk royal festivals, Azie, did not meet a lot of debates about his behavior Big Brother: The Most Wanted.

More about the topic:

Leading Niki Kanchev repeatedly joked that the Big Brother House was empty because "the Asian clan had stolen furniture." The singer himself spoke with sentences like "How do I go before I stole something?" However, it will not bother some Asian and performers, because it is a stereotype with which the Roma are stealing.

Another impression was that Alex Surchadjieva was not shown next to Niki Kanchev. Obviously, Kostinbrod Nightingale has replaced it, but many believe that the new amplitude is not suitable for him.

"Azis can not lead the show, she has too much to cry, trying to be Alex and Nicki, but she's somehow artificial."

"Azis fucked by Alex"

and Azis is very bad as a leader, says some comments on social networks.

So far, Albena Vouleva seems to be the most provocative player in the box. On her business card, she explains that Allah has searched for herself and has become a Muslim woman. She claims that in realistic form she used spells against her rivals.

"If someone is scandalous, go to rabies,"

she blinked.

The biggest trick of the producers is Zlatka Raikova and Blagoi Georgiev-Jizza. The playwright and soccer player testifies that they are crazy for love, and their only separation is when Blonda Zlatka goes to paint her hair for an hour or two hours.

Other participants who crossed the threshold of the Parliament are Jeni Kalkandjev, Stanimir Gamov, Giuliana Gani, Wosh MS, Vesela Neinsky, Emmanuel, Stoyko Sakaliev, Nikita Johnson, Stoyan Royanov and Csetso Andreev. The last one is a make-up artist who wants to show a different performance than his colleague Valentin Kulagin.

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