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Alicia again in war with Zlatka Raikova! – BLISTER

Alicia and Zlatka Raikova once again gathered tomahavi and are already in a quiet war. As the player falls in love with Blagoi Georgiev – Jizus, the folk singer refuses to cooperate with Blonde Zlatka. The difference between the two is a football player who has been Alicia's best friend – Christina Vitanova, writes Weekend.

The gymnast donated to a former citizen with two children, while the playboy-tattooed playboy had abandoned him. Since the tormentor has loved Zlatku, the chalga living in the wild has stopped communicating with the couple. Before the silicone seductor came to Jizus, the singer was especially close to the bright anger, and both did not stop at the clubs in Sofia and looked at the social networks.

Alicia even advertised clothes that were sewn from Pazardjik.

It turned out that "Most Walking" performer merged with abandoned Christine against Zlatku. Vitanova also opened her shop and her singer became an advertiser.

Alicia and Raikova have no strangers to them. For two years now, these two were a brutal war, even by exchanging offensive tips and accusations. Some time ago, the chalga star accused the blonde of trying to get her Valery Bozhinov with whom she was intimate. Damaged, Zlatka appeared in a hot show and said the singer was a girl who called.

The matter did not lag behind and she qualified pajdl as "sotadjik" because she referred to men faster and security patrols. The scandal was so great that no one believed that it had ever been possible to attack. Two years ago, two enemies buried Tomahavki. Then the fellow Ivailo Kolev took the role of conciliator. But now their acquaintances are categorical that their friendship is in history forever.

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