Monday , March 1 2021

A new holiday taste: Coca-Cola Sugar-free cinnamon

Coca-Cola in Bulgaria launches a special limited edition Coca-Cola cinnamon without sugar.

A new holiday taste: Coca-Cola Sugar-free cinnamon

The special limited edition Coca-Cola Cane-Without-Sugar is another upgrade that the company offers in response to the growing demand for less or no sugar. The new Coca-Cola 500ml contains only 1 calorie.

Cinnamon is a desirable winter flavor and aroma that creates a cozy and special atmosphere. An exotic spice adds extra glamor to Coca-Cola's well-known tastes, making it an ideal drink for upcoming holidays.

"Our users are changing all over the world, they inspire us to look for new, refined taste drinks with less or no calories to respond to their efforts to achieve a more balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is part of Coca-Cola's global strategy to expand its low calorie beverage portfolio Coca-Cola without sugar Cinnamon is not calories and at the same time full of festive mood " said Svetlana Dimitrova, the oldest carbonated beverage brand in Bulgaria, Coca-Cola.

All holiday bottles of all Coca-Cola flavors weighing 1.25L and 2L in Bulgaria are labeled with nutritional color codes. Coca-Cola introduces food color coding in 20 other European Union countries. The goal is to make this information accurate, easy to understand and with good visibility on labels to help consumers make informed choices. The color scheme replaces the black-and-white graphic that has been known so far on the package.

Coca-Cola Free Sugar Cinnamon is sold throughout the country for fully recyclable PET bottles of 0.500L for individual consumption and family packages of 21.5L and 2L.

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