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55th cinema 32th edition films


55 films will feature 32nd edition of Cinemania. This was explained at the main press conference held today at Club 1. A recognizable hall 42, which became the 1st club, was installed at the National Culture House. The name was chosen to highlight the grass connection with the Cultural House Icon 1. Grass. more than 300 events per year. Club 1 is located in the immediate vicinity of the grass and is an added value option – places before and after parties, press conferences, cocktails, etc., related to events in the main hall hall. It is also highlighted by photos on the walls that reflect the features of this year's 2018 hall – photos of the NKK Orlina Ognjanova.

"The concept of the world is nothing new. We focus on those places where we can deepen the cultural experience. For every major place in the world, there are so many places where you can meet and experience an event before and after. It is very important for everyone in the cultural process Participants – artists, sponsors, institutions – would be the place to exchange thoughts and ideas, "said Boris Velkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Cultural House, Boris Velkov, adding:" For almost 32 million years, viewers have visited a festival that began as a worldwide cinema survey. Perhaps this impact has been on the millions as a whole, because these people have brought their impressions and emotions to their families and friends. You remember the years when you had to visit the National Cultural Palace, Hall of Fame and World Cinema Pavilion by touching a big emblematic movie! For so long, quite a few festivals have been saved n events. This is our next direction this year – we also focus on the processes that make the festival sustainable and create a perspective and future. I'm sure this year will be interesting, emotional, "added Velkov.

For the municipality of Sofia, the traditional Kinomania partner, Bilyana Genova, Director of the Culture Directorate, congratulated:
"Cinemas is one of the festivals that has been a huge successor to Sofia as a creative UNESCO cinema city since 2014 and to defend it every year. This is possible thanks not only to film makers but also to all city residents as well as to the capital's guests and the children of our city to this great art. I am very grateful for the level maintained by Kinomania and the NPC is one of the most beautiful and symbolic places in our city's culture, "said Biliana Genova.
Pierre Guimme, Cultural Attache of the French Culture Institute, introduced the French program in the cinema, including nine films focusing on social comedy, as well as white dance animation by Jack London's classic book.

In turn, the director of the Italian Institute of Culture, Luigina Peddi, said interesting details about the film "They" by Paolo Sorentiano, the great director.

Four Bulgarian gambling, one Bulgarian documentary and one co-production with Bulgarian participation will be filmed for premiere at the Lumiere Lidl Cinema Kinomania. The teams presented their work.
Director Kostadin Bonev and actor Penko Gospodinov said: "Far from the beach", director and screenwriter Kiran Kolarov, producer Galina Toneva and actors Katalin Stariyshinskaya and Ovans Torosyan shared with what was inspired by their work on the movie "My Sister's Calm" and producer Paul Pavlov and new Konstantin Gerginov said about the film director Maria Veselinov – "Smart Christmas".
Documentary film "Sonia Yoncheva. Semper Libera" is the documentary titled "Cinemania" this year by director Georgi Tosheva. More about him he told Emma Konstantinova – director and director.

The Kennedy program includes provocative co-productions with Bulgarian performances, which won two awards at the Karlovy Vary Festival – "I do not care if the story will remind us of barbarism." The Bulgarian producer Rossitsa Valkanova discovered interesting news about him.
The National Cultural Palace announced that the Kinomania team is behind the mysterious teaser campaign "Who is Nevena?" For several weeks Sofia was suffering from black posters with a red inscription "What is Nevena?" And then the same question appeared at the main intersection of the capital. This action was part of a campaign to promote the movie "Time is ours," which will officially launch Cinemania on November 15th.
In the last stage of the campaign, one of the actresses in the film Irini Zambon spoke in a quiet speech by reading a book entitled "What is Nevena?". "Nevne is a movie" Time is ours ", a book about heroine, fiction, but also a reality. Nev'na is better for me than everybody. Nev'na is a magic that can only be created by cinema, so enjoy the magic of the cinema," said NDK organizers.
Tickets are sold at the National Culture House as well as online
Watch the Cinemania 2018 Choices for watching great movies before the big prizes!

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