Thursday , March 4 2021

Villa Bôas says he calculated to "interfere" with this LU STF case in Lula

Armed Forces Commander General Eduardo Villas Bôas Contact us |, who planned to "intervene" if the Supreme Federal Court this year In April, Habeas Corpus will be awarded to former President Lula. "We are concerned about stability, because the deterioration situation is falling on our laps, it's better to be more secure than regret," he said. "Prevention is better than cure," he said.

In April, Celso abandoned the report included in a statement by General Vilas Boas. On Sunday, the general confirmed that he was ready to "intervene" if the Supreme Court awarded Habeas Corpus to former President Lulam
Rosine Coutinho / SCO / STF

It was a commentary to the general statements on April 3, on the eve of Habeas Corpus's judgment from the Supreme Court. He wrote in his Twitter account: "In this situation that Brazil is living, the question remains to institutions and people who really think about the benefits of the state and the generations to come and who cares only for their personal interests?"

Soon afterwards he made a political statement. "I assure the Nation that the Judge of the Brazilian Army shares the wishes of all citizens in order to renounce impunity and respect for the Constitution, social peace and democracy, and take into account its institutional missions."

The lines were bad. In HC's own judgment, Minister Celso de Mello compared Villas Boas to the second president, Floriano Peixoto, who became known as the "Iron Route" because of his violent and authoritarian policies.

In his decision to the House of Representatives, Celso said that the statements of Villa Boas "obviously violate the principle of separation of powers" and "which seems to unacceptable the resumption of practices that are alien to (and detrimental to) constitutional orthodoxy". Celso voted for the HC grant because Lula was – and is – arrested while awaiting a sentence condemned by District 4 Regional District Court.

Folha Villas Boas explained his announcements on Twitter in an interview published Sunday. He said that he had to take "narrative mastery" and that he deliberately worked on knowing that they were "on the edge".

In April, Celso said that the position of commander of the armed forces weakened the authorities. "Our own historical experience reveals to us – and also warns us – that the natural uprising of the Proto-Rite, like the metaphorical idea of ​​the serpent's eggs (Weimar Republic), destroys the legitimacy of the established civil power and weakens the democratic institutions, even if they do not respect the Supreme Constitutional Power and the laws of the Republic ! "he said.

Dean, who was already far away in history, "the dark days that fell in the democratic process" in the country. At that moment, "the hegemonic will of the healers of the political regime, which subsequently emerged, took the unconfident manner of the exercise of civilian rule." The minister also said that the experience of the exceptional regime that existed between 1964 and 1985 was a "significant warning" for this and future generations.

"The political and institutional efforts of the past have been a serious mistake in the process of developing and consolidating fundamental freedoms." When they are implemented and won, regime intervention that complicates the subsequent freedoms to reduce (if not eliminate) the institutional space reserved for disputes, thereby limiting irreparable harm to the democratic system, the possibility of freely broadening political activity and fully implementing citizenship. "

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