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Understand thrombosis and know how to avoid it

RIO – Back from travel to Europe, elected congressman Túlio Gadelha was diagnosed with thrombosis. An Instagram email message, in which Pernambuco's politician discovers a diagnosis, is a success in networks. But, after all, do you know what is a thrombosis and how is it to be avoided?

A disease that blocks blood vessels, thrombosis is caused by "blood clots," which are blood clots made up of fatty plates. By blocking the veins and arteries that feed the heart and brain, for example, the pathology can cause stroke and stroke.

– The blood clot does not allow the blood to circulate, and blood is responsible for transporting oxygen to tissues that are no longer delivered and eventually die. Carlos Meyohas, family physician, points out that some factors contribute to smoking such as smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

In addition to people who are older, the elderly are more vulnerable to this disease. The doctor explains that it is due to contraceptive hormones, which facilitates the formation of barriers in the blood vessel system. Diabetes is also a risk factor, because too much sugar in the blood can promote artery and vein clogging.

Tulio Gadelha, the friend of the leader of Fátima Bernard, was diagnosed with thrombosis. A man and only 31 years old, he is outside the risk group, but long-distance relocation can cause the disease.

– a condition in which a person is permanently staying under the influence of an airplane. There are those who sit seated on their feet, without mobilization, which worsens circulation. Young people using hormones in gyms are vulnerable. Also, inherited factors, "explains Carlos.

The disease mainly affects the forearms, such as calves. But, according to the doctor, this can happen anywhere in the body. Symptoms include numbness or pain in the site, redness and heat in the affected area.

– If it is an artery obstruction, it is urgent, requiring hospitalization, limb and antibiotic bandage. In that case, you should seek a blood vessel surgeon to treat. Healthy nutrition and physical activity are a good way to prevent thrombosis, "said Carlos Meyohas.

* Trainee Renata Izaal under the guidance

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