Saturday , June 10 2023

The Swiss fund buys 100% Hortiru and accelerates expansion


Hortifruti and Terra Natural retailers announced on Thursday, March 8th, that the Swiss fund partner group purchased 100% of their shares – since 2015, the group owned 40% of the transactions, which at that time they bought about R $ 300 million. The remaining 60% purchase price was not disclosed.

Two flags known as "luxury passengers" now have 45 stores. With the acquisition, the Swiss group aims to open another ten units next year. The planned investment in 2019 is $ 80 million.

Within a year, opening up ten stores, the Swiss group expanded its move to the accelerator. This is because of the fact that since 2015, the company has not made much contribution to this company: three years ago the total size of the two networks was 40 units.

The 100% purchase of the company was announced only yesterday, although the contract was imposed at the end of last year. When Switzerland took up business in November 2015, Hortifruti has just bought Earth's natural competitor. The first brand is stronger in Rio de Janeiro, while the second brand is consolidated in the presence of Sao Paulo.


After completing the study, it was decided that each brand sends its flag. The words will not change and the visual identity will not change. The decision took into account the high degree of consolidation of trademarks in the countries in which they are already operating. The Hortifrut Network has been on the market for over 30 years and is located in the shops of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo. Natural da Terra has been operating in Sao Paulo for over 17 years. There are about 6 thousand employees in two flags.

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