Monday , March 8 2021

The suspect says that Kristin did not accuse Daniel of rape

The latest suspect, who participated in the murder of Daniela Correa, testified on Monday (12) and said that his cousin Cristiana Brittes had not accused him of raping the player before his death.

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Eduardo da Silva was arrested last week by Foz Do Iguacu (PR), who arrived in San José Dun Pinhas, where he was investigating the crime last Friday (9).

He was in one of the home rooms while Edison Brittes, "Juninho Riqueza", beat Daniel and Cristiana wanted it to try and prevent it from it. According to her testimony, she would have said: "Help the joke that Juniors hit him because he was messing with me … Do not let Junior reach her."

The questioner still denied that he had heard that Christian had asked for help, although Edison claimed in his version that Daniel had raped a woman.

"Although she was at home, she said she had never heard Cristiana's call for help, and she was responsible for calling a person at the top of the house, and she said that" the boy tried to touch her, "but she does not say" there is no rape, "she said. according to a questioning report.

Eduardo also provided details of the player's latest moments at Britte's family home: "Daniel was squeezed out of blood and choking, and the questioner turned to his side to get out, and Junior said," Talarico must be a hood for squeaking, "informing that" talarico " There is one who mixes with another woman. Daniel had a dizziness, but he breathed, but he did not say anything. "

However, according to Eduardo, none of the involved Junior was forced to enter the car, unlike the version submitted by both non-family suspects. He was also the first to give details on the time of death, since David Williams and Igor Kinch claimed they had not seen the event and Junior did not want to talk about it.

"When he stopped a car, the junior went down, while others walked down and Junior opened the trunk and took his T-shirt and held Daniel clutching his hair, but fled, and then Junior wrapped Daniel with his shirt, fell off to the junior, and that, with Daniel's feet still inside the car, she knocked down Daniel's neck, and Daniel fell to the ground. This young man tried Daniel on the floor and continued to cut his neck and Daniel tried to scream, but he could not, and Junior tried cut his head and "Juniors shine with his knife as he cut off his bone", says Silva.

Finally, Eduardo confirmed that Juninho had promised him full responsibility for the actions, but he decided to declare himself after hearing the case.

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