Tuesday , February 7 2023

The Senate confirms the urgency of the cumbersome task invoice


The Senate confirmed the urgency of urgent tasks. The vote was symbolic. Claiming confirmation, the bill could already be included in the Senate's voting list, Senator Chair Eunicio Oliveira (MDB-CE) said. He called for a voting session tomorrow, Thursday, at 10:00. Usually, however, there are no votes on Thursdays.

Next weekend, the next weekend of November 15th, there is no Senate vote. It is not yet clear whether the proposal will be put on the agenda on the week of 20 November or 27 November.

Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE) said on Tuesday that the urgency of the law on a cumbersome task would be decided in plenary only in two weeks, on the 20th of November in November, but the bill will remain on the next day.

However, on Wednesday, a bill in the electricity sector, which addresses the mismatch between the billionaires' hydrological risk, has been approved, and urgent requirements must be met. The fact that the bill gave 30% of pre-sun crude oil to national and municipality holding funds can help with voting conditions.


The draft law on impugned tasks was approved by the Chamber of Deputies on 4 July. The text was spoken by deputy Fernando Coelho Filho (DEM-PE), former Minister of Mines and Energy (MME). In order for the bill to become valid, it still needs to be voted on in the Senate and then obligated by the Presidency.

The text allows for the conclusion of an agreement to revise the 2010 cumbersome contract with Petrobras. Without this review of the agreement, the government can not sell the right to use the auctioned barrel surplus in the area of ​​a burdensome task that can give the Union about 100 billion dollars. The auction is one of the rates for the Presidential Economic Team Jair Bolsonaro to reduce the primary deficit.

The proposal has a clearer wording for points where there was no consensus and the deletion of the gray areas from the treaty, providing comfort, so that members of the government and Petrobras could sign the report without further questions. The sources broadcast by Broadcast, the real-time news system of Grupo Estado, said the proposal made the transaction "objective and feasible", as the original contract was ill-defined and allowed to be interpreted differently.

However, technicians consider this proposal as inappropriate to the constitution, as it amends the perfect law by setting up a voluntary agreement between the parties without its consent and in a way other than the one agreed. According to the source, the bill also grants Petrobras an unpaid benefit that may lead to an unjustified transfer of income to the company's private shareholders. On the other hand, the report may reveal shortcomings in the revision of the contract, which could potentially endanger Petrobras in the future.

The project's tax clauses strictly adhere to the Brazilian law. This text will allow the Union to pay Petrobras money or oil. Even with the open-ended option, the economic group was intended to pay cash while accounting goes through the Union budget.

Surplus oil from cumbersome disposal sites should be used in split mode. In the original text, Coelho Filho had suggested that the regime for oil surplus would be a daunting task – the Petrobras exclusivity that ended was preserved.

The bill also allows Petrobras to sell up to 70% of the 5 billion barrels that it has the power to assign to other companies in this area. The proposal will also exempt consortiums from which Petrobras will participate, to comply with national legislation on the purchase of goods, products and services. It will free up the purchase of consortia by inviting them to a supplier list.

This year there is no longer an auction. Like the changes to the Brazilian Court of Auditors (TCU) rule in force from 2019, the government will have to send all the information about the auction 150 days before the publication of the offer, which may delay the bid until the end of 2019 or 2020. The TCU will also analyze the attachment term to be signed between União and Petrobras.

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