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The novel "Seventh Guardian" premiere this second! You know who is who!


At first glance, in the small town of Serro Azul, many may seem like another legend: a typical, inland city, quiet and surrounded by mountains where technological advances such as the internet and mobile phone have not yet arrived. In the Seventh Guard, the next nine novel, the city will no longer be the only place where everyone who goes does not pay much attention. Next to the Greenville and Tubiacanga, Serro Azul could not escape its peculiarities. The main thing is the source of curative and rejuvenating properties, which is the worst part of the gigantic aquifer – huge tanks that become the Most Valuable Land Property – water. The source is protected by seven guardians whose task is to ensure that this wealth does not come in the wrong hands. The new will show that in some places there are great stories and lots of hidden secrets. You still have to see how often everyone is able to keep secrets. Written by Aguinaldo Silva with the artistic director of Rogério Gomes, Seventh Guardian, will debut on November 12th.

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The seven guardians responsible for protecting the source are people who obviously lead a common life: Mayor Euric (Dan Stulbach), delegate Machado (Milhem Cortz), physician Paulo Rocha, Feliciano (Leopoldo Pacheco), Cafe Ondina (Ana Beatriz Nogueira), the Ezotery Milu (Zezé Polessa) and the guardian-mor. Egídio (Antonio Calloni). When choosing a secret ritual, they are replaced every time one dies. Always guardian is Leon, Egidio's cat. Some comments about the animal's powers. Others say he is not just a cat. Also, Lean has a very close connection with the Moonlight (Marina Ruy Barbosa). The young, newly formed teacher, as a simple girl, was raised by an old man, Succession (Marcos Caruso). Luz knows, however, that this adjective does not apply to her. Since childhood she has mysterious dreams, some of them have visions of something that will happen. In addition, Louce understands the cat through the look. And exactly from Leon – or, rather, from his disappearance – he will begin to talk about the story of the Seventh Guardian. When Egidio is aware that the animal has disappeared, he is trying to alert other custodians, because he knows what that means: Leon was looking for someone who, after leaving, will take custody of Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso).

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Character Profile:

Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso) – son of Valentine Marsallas (Lilia Cabral), the strongest woman in the cosmetics industry. At the beginning of the plot he is involved in Yanna Lavigne. When Cat Leon passes through his mysterious path, Sanpaulo, he loses his marriage and leaves Sero Azul leaving behind him. He falls in love with Louisa (Marina Ruy Barbosa).

Light (Marina Ruy Barbosa) – The newly formed teacher, as a regular girl, was nominated by her midwife Sosten (Marcos Caruso). Luz knows, however, that this adjective does not apply to her. Since childhood she has mysterious dreams, some of them have seen something that will happen. In addition, Louise is understood by the lion's cats through the look. She will fall in love with Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso).

Sostenes (Marcos Caruso) – The Prophet (Marina Ruy Barbosa) is a sensible and just man who does everything about his grandchildren.

Leon – Egidio's cat, surrounded by secrets. There is a close connection with Luz


Egídio (Antonio Calloni) – he is a fountain guard. Reserved, only leaves the house where he lives with Leon's cats when he needs to meet other custodians. His loyal sorter is the maid Judith (Isabela Garcia), the only person outside the fraternity to whom he confers the source of mystery. Earlier, Egidijs was involved in Valentina (Lilia Cabral). He left him on the altar after receiving the invitation as chief guardian.

Eurico (Dan Stulbach) – Mayor of Sero Azul is ambitious and dream of reaching Brasilia through politics. Married (Leticia Spiller) is the father of Geardro (Caio Blat) and Júnior (Jose Loreto). He is very passionate about his wife and good father for his children, although he does not hide his preference for Junior.

Feliciano (Leopoldo Pacheco) – Beggar, always stands at the church, watching everything that happens in the city. He claims he is an Indian-born child. Some people say he is crazy, but in fact Feliciano is the smartest guardian.

José Aranha (Paulo Rocha) – he's a doctor at Sero Azul. If a beloved son, he does everything about his mother – Sv. Mirceus (Elizabeth Savallu) and his wife, Stella (Vanessa Giácomo), for whom she is completely in love, to understand each other. Mirte, however, does not tire in the game with the girl that she can not even give him a grandchild.

Joubert Machado (Milhem Cortaz) – Serro Azul representative. He is married to the exuberant Rita de Cassia (Flavia Alessandra). Despite the years of marriage, they are able to keep the passion fire. Machado is an intimate secret that hides seven keys: she likes to take off her briefs.

Mila (Zezé Polessa) – the owner of the Cristalina specialty store. Minerva, her owl and her mascot, who sees everything, even if it's filled, is at the top of the shelf. Some say Mil is a witch because she can track a person's profile only by looking at her.

Undine (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) – during the day she takes care of her pub, the only city. In the evening, he is paradise of the Paraso da Ondina Bordeaux. She, like Adamastor (Theodoro Cochrane), her faithful ruler, as well as the pub and brothel office, protects her as a daughter. Ondina is a funny woman who just can not keep her good humor when she crosses Mirtis (Elizabeth Savalla) with whom she lives in war.

Sao Paulo core

Valentine Marsalla (Lilia Cabral) – a famous business woman in the cosmetics business, does not help with charm. Gabriel's mother (Bruno Gagliasso), her big goal is her husband Yanna Lavigne, the heiress of Millionaire Tony Ramos, thus guaranteeing the future of his business. During his youth, an altar remained on the altar of Antonio Calloni and escaped from Serro Azul, who never returned.

Olav (Tony Ramos) – Business Millionaire, is Laurie's father (Yanna Lavigne). His only weakness, based on the ambitions of money, is his daughter. He is able to see something happy for her.

Laura (Yanna Lavigne) – Mother Darling, grown up from her father, Millionaire Olav (Tony Ramos). At the beginning of the plot, he is associated with Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso).

Louise Marie (Fernanda de Freitas) – Valentine's assistant (Lília Cabral), always ready for the orders of the host. He maintains fellowship with Sampaio (Marcello Novaes).

Sampaio (Marcello Novaes) – Head of Lilia Cabral, security and full work. A cycle, he sees and hears many things about the hostess. He got his confidence and knew enough that she had fallen from a horse, or that she, if she opened her beard, would also be injured. She has a case with Louise Marie (Fernanda de Freitas).

Mark Paul (Nany People) – a chemist who worked with Valentine (Lilia Cabral), who lived in Paris before. She will receive a host proposal and return to Brazil.


Marilda (Leticia Spiller) – Serro Azul's first lady is married to the mother of Eurico (Dan Stulbach) and Geandro (Caio Blat) and junior (José Loreto). She is Valentina's sister (Lilia Cabral), who is doing everything to get close. He seems to be much younger than he really is, but nobody reveals to anyone what is the secret of his beauty.

Geandro (Caio Blat) – Major Eurico's eldest son (Dan Stulbach) and First Lady Marilda (Leticia Spiller) is a quiet boy, very friendly Luz (Marina Ruy Barbosa). In the past, he became involved in drugs, and today he is struggling to regain the trust of his parents. He is in love with Lourdes Maria (Bruna Linzmeyer).

Junior (José Loreto) – Mayor Eurico (Dan Stulbach) and son of First Lady (Letícia Spiller). She has a real Marina Ruy Barbosa fixation, and she always tries to be close to a young woman who does not give him shit.

Delegate family

Rita de Kāsija (Flavia Alessandra) – from miraculous beauty, is married to a delegate of Machado and supports her husband with a gun wear panties. She has a dream to become a movie star and will try to persuade Machado to allow her to take part in a documentary that Leonardo (Jaffar Bambirra) plans to do with Sero Azul.

Nikolay's family

Nicolau (Marcelo Serrado) – The owner of a trailer mounted on a city square is a simple and hard worker. He is married to Aphrodite (Carolina Dieckmann) and Diana's father (Laryssa Ayres), Bebeth (Eduardo Speroni), Giulia Gayoso and Cristiana (Vitoria Rangel). His greatest desire is to be a football player. Since Bebeto is not a sport, Nicolau is still trying to get another baby who can give him this pleasure. Every month he counts the days when he arrives in the fertile period of his wife and does not give her a rest when the scheduled date arrives.

Aphrodite (Carolina Dieckmann) – married to Nicolau (Marcelo Serrado) and Diana's mother (Laryssa Ayres), Bebeth (Eduardo Speroni), Giulia Gayoso and Cristiana (Vitoria Rangel). Devoted to children and her husband, she always helps the trailer, as well as cares for household tasks. She loves Nicholas, but she is tired of his obsession with several children.

Diana (Larissa Ayres) – Nicolau (Marcelo Serrado) and daughter of Carolina Dieckmann. Rivaldas sister (Giulia Gayoso), Bebeth (Eduardo Speroni) and Cristiana (Vitoria Rangel). She has great karate skills and dreams to become pro. However, Diane will face father's anger, who believes that karate is just a boy.

Bebe (Eduardo Speroni) – son of Nicolau (Marcelo Serrado) and Carolina Dieckmann. Brother Diana (Larysa Ayres), Giulia Gayoso and Cristiana (Vitoria Rangel). He loves to dance, much of his father's inconvenience. It receives maternity support, which will try to show Nicholas that the world has changed and that she needs to review her own ideas.

Rivalda (Giulia Gayoso) – daughter of Nicolau (Marcelo Serrado) and Carolina Dieckmann. Diana's sister (Larissa Ayres), Bebeth (Eduardo Speroni) and Cristiana (Vitoria Rangel). He works for the Mila store (Zezé Polessa). She is jealous of her brothers and sisters, because she believes parents are paying more attention to others than to her.

Cristiana (Vitoria Rangel) – The youngest Nikolau daughter (Marcelo Serado) and Carolina Dieckmann. Diana's sister (Larissa Ayres), Bebeth (Eduardo Speroni) and Giulia Gayoso.

Tobias family

Tobias (Roberto Birindelli) – Merchant, owner of Tobias Lounge. Always wanting to help others, he's married to Clotilde (Adriana Lessa), Leonardo's father (Jaffar Bambirra) and Margaret (Ana Clara Gomes Couto).

Clotilde (Adriana Lessa) – She is the teacher and owner of Cloclothes beauty salon. Married to Tobias (Roberto Birindelli), Leonardo (Jaffar Bambirra) mother and Margaret (Ana Clara Gomes Couto). She is the only Sero Azul, who maintains contact with Valentine (Lilia Cabral), believing that the host considers him to be his friend.

Leonardo (Jaffar Bambirra) – Tobias son (Roberto Birindelli) and Klotilde (Adriana Lessa), and brother of Margaret (Ana Clara Gomes Couto). He always has his own camera recorded on Serro Azul's day. His project is a documentary about the city.

Margaret (Ana Clara Gomes Couto) – Tobias's new daughter (Roberto Birindelli) and Clotilde (Adriana Lessa) and Leonardo's sister (Jaffar Bambirra).

Mirtes family

Mirtes (Elizabeth Savalla) – She is the leader of the blessing group at Serro Azul. Sister Dr. Aranha (Paulo Rocha) has never accepted a son's marriage with Stella (Vanessa Giácomo) and spends her days to reduce the life of her life by saying she could not even give him a grandchild. Hidden, Mirtes can always hide his armor from Stella. He is the earlier mother of João Inacio (Paulo Vilhena), married to the deceased daughter and Guilherme's grandmother (Caio Manhente). Like Stella, João Ignatius is the target of Mirtes. Beata takes her family member and does not protect the inquisition for Guilherme to relinquish her father. She is the greatest enemy of the Ondina (Ana Beatriz Nogueira), which she regards as the incarnation of sin.

Stella (Vanesa Giácomo) – Married to a doctor, Jose Aranha (Paulo Rocha), she lives in the same house as her mother, Mirtes (Elizabeth Savalla), who is doing everything to hurt her life. Earlier, Stella lost her baby, who was waiting and never got pregnant. Mirtes lives in the game for the girl that she could not even give him a grandchild. Despite her husband's support, Stella sometimes feels insecure between her mother-in-law's insinuations and to be strong in order not to become old addictions: to drink.

Guilherme (Caio Manhente) – João Inácio's son (Paulo Vilhena), has been honored by his grandmother, Mirtes (Elizabeth Savalla). Sometimes she is influenced by her, she even stands against her father. The situation will worsen when João Inácio joins Stefani (Carol Duarte).

João Inácio (Paulo Vilhena) Breaking away from his deceased wife, Mirtes's daughter (Elizabeth Savalt), he only creates her son Guilherme (Caio Manhente). Every night he goes to the brothel to dance with Carol Duarte, whom Mirtes uses as an ammunition to put Guilherme against his father.

The core of the church

Father Ramiro (Ailton Grace) – Sero Azul's father's father. He is a man with a deep religious call, but with a short tone and does not allow parallel conversations in his masses.

Malton (Matheus Abreu) ​​- Sacristão, is the beauty that gives rise to enthusiasm among women in the masses.

Jurandir (Paul Michels) – hot Catholic, always with Mirtes (Elizabete Savalla), Liliane (Simone Zucato) and Roseane (Talita Fusco). He is the father of Giullia Buscacio. Her big dream is to have daughters follow religious life and become a nun.

Elisa (Giulia Buscacio) – Daughter of Jurandir (Paulo Miklos) is a young sweet, best friend of Louise (Marina Ruy Barbosa). You will be interested in Maltons (Mathues Abreu).

Liliane (Simone Zucato) – Beata, always with Mirtes (Elizabetes Savalla), Roseane (Talita Fusco) and Jurandir (Paulo Miklos).

Roseane (Talita Fusko) – Beata, always with Mirtes (Elizabeth Savalla), Liliane (Simone Zucato) and Jurandir (Paulo Miklos).

Hotel and broth base

Adamastor (Theodoro Cochrane) – The refined human being, The Good Man of Annie Beatriz Nogueira (Ana Beatriz Nogueira), is always a good adventure for the cafeteria and girls working there.

Stephanie (Carol Duarte) – working at Inns and Brothers Ondina (Ana Beatriz Nogueira). She shakes her nerves. He will fall in love with João Inacio (Paulo Vilhena) and will be confronted with the defamation caused by Mirtes (Elizabeth Savall), who is the boy's ex-mother.

Luciana (Josie Pessoa) – working at the Inns and Ana Beatriz Nogueira brothel. His unproductive way usually attracts some men and tells others.

Katiucha (Lyvs Ziz) – Works with hostels and brothels of Ana Beatriz Nogueira. He is a good listener and he often listens to an unexpected confession.

January (Mila Carmo) – works for the brothel of Inns and Ana (Ana Beatriz Nogueira). He knows how to use his sensuality to charm men and get what he wants.

Family dismissal

Help (Inês Peixoto), secretary in the city of Sero Azul, is a religious woman who created two daughters – Lourdes Maria (Bruna Linzmeyer) and Julia Konrad.

Lourdes Maria (Bruna Linzmeyer) – Socorro's daughter (Inês Peixoto) and Raimund's sister (Julia Konrad). Beautiful and ambitious, she is in love with Júnior (José Loreto). See Light (Marina Ruy Barbosa) as his great opponent.

Raimunda (Julia Konrad) – Sokorro's oldest girl (Inês Peixoto) is opposed to sister Lourdes Maria (Bruna Linzmeyer): chat in her life is not a priority. Provides the passion collected by Geandro (Caio Blat).

Other characters

Judith (Isabela Garcia) – An employee at Egidio's house (Antonio Calloni) is completely loyal to the base. She is married to Robério (Heitor Martinez).

Robério (Heitor Martinez) – The gardener in Eiddion's Mansion is an ambitious, dubious person. He is married to Judith (Isabel Garcia).

Neither (Viviane Araújo) Works in the Clotilde Hall (Adriana Lessa). When his mother, Guinta Viana, arrives in the city, he is obligated to pick him up. Despite the optimistic person, Neidei has a sad side: earlier she was forced to leave her newborn daughter, and her biggest dream is to find her again.

Signs (Guida Vianna) – mother of Neide (Viviane Araújo) is a full-time cook. In the past he denied his pregnant daughter, and now he is trying to get close to her.

Peach (Felipe Hintze) – A decent professional, he is helping Machado (Milhem Cortaz) at the police station.

Patrick (Lucci Ferreira) – Radialist, always keep your eyes and ears at ease with everything that's going on in the city.

Fabim (Marcello Melo Jr.) is a contractor's employee who will rebuild Valentin's Mansion (Lilia Cabral) in the city of Serro Azul.

Lucylene (Liza Gomes) – Diarist, either cleaning at several Serro Azul homes. It is not good to keep secrets, often responsible for the spread of foxes passing through the city.

Beans (Cauê Campos) – he is part of a group that is always Nicolau (Marcelo Serrado) trailer. His greatest happiness is when someone says he will have to pay him a snack.

Dida (Maureen Miranda) – Lilia Cabral, Serro Azul.

If not (Ana Paula Novellino) – Lilia Cabral, Serro Azul.

Robson Santos (Alfredo) – Valentine's Head (Lília Cabral)


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